Eva Longoria has the last laugh in her sex video

eva longoria sex tapeActually I had the last laugh after seeing the Eva Longoria sex tape I told you about yesterday. According to the date on the sex video, this Eva Longoria video is already 2.5years old.

Kind of an amazing way to do your Internet marketing to make money online: grab each opportunity you have and add your won experience to it.

Gosh, I do have some nude pictures of myself somewhere, now I need to find an ex boyfriend to send them to and hope he is bad enough to spill them over the Internet. Any takers, please leave a comment!

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  1. Who the heck is Eve Longoria? I’ve never heard of her ……… and now I feel I know her quite well.

    Strange world.

  2. @DaddyP

    Eva LONGoria is the SHORTY from Desperate Housewives, but I admit, that’s not a show I see you watching every evening 🙂

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