Emma Watson wearing thongs

emma watson wearing thongs

When Emma Waston is wearing thongs, do they have a zebra print as what she is showing us see through on her 18th birthday?

What is wrong with these Harry Potter actors these days? Why do they have a love for horses, zebras and showing themselves naked? Do we really need to know how hairy they are? Is it the "I jump off the cliff so you should do" thing? Anyway, Harry Potter opened the horse fetish and started the Hairy Potter rage like so:

harry potter

Emma Watson should have learned from Britney Spears or Paris Hilton that being in cars with short skirts could reveal whatever is underneath. And that’s exactly what happened at her 18th birthday.

For Emma Watson wearing short skirts in cars we would suggest

  • a big handbag can do wonders to keep peeping paparazzi’s out
  • non see through underwear also makes a difference.

For Emma Watson wearing thongs we would suggest a Brazilian wax first…

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