Elisabeth Wong’s nude pics bulldozered by ruling Malaysian party

elisabeth wong nude pic

Elisabeth Wong’s nude pics were no match for the ruling Malaysian political party UMNO in their quest to crush anything opposition in any way possible.


elisabeth wong nude pics


Some pervert took pictures of Elisabeth Wong when she was sleeping naked and managed to get them published in the Malay Mail. Which is quite an eye opener, as nudity normally is not allowed in Malaysian newspaper.


elisabeth wong nude pic


Of course nudity doesn’t need to be censored when it can break an elected member MP Elisabeth Wong who happens to be part of the opposition.


Elisabeth Wong Bogel


elisabeth wong bogel


How cunning of the Malay Mail to put a naked woman who is not Elisabeth Wong next to the title "fury over bedroom invasion": the article about Elisabeth Wong’s nude pictures.


Only the ruling party can sleep in Malaysia


badawi sleeping


It pays off being part of the ruling party…


Like Malaysian President Badawi shows: only members of the ruling party can sleep whenever and however they want.


Who is Elisabeth Wong?


Elizabeth Wong has been involved in peace and conflict work in Southern Thailand, Mindanao, East Timor and Aceh.


Eli Wong is also a consultant for Strategic Information and Research Development Center (SIRD).


Most importantly, Elisabeth Wong is involved in many local Malaysian issues, battling for greater environmental protection, greater transparency and accountability of local councils and the Selangor state government.


However, the only transparency UMNO is interested is in Elisabeth Wong’s nude pics

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