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increase online trafficAtomic Blogging is an ebook teaching how you can blog better and make money in the process. Written by Alvin Phang from Gather Success and as usual: let’s compare and see why he is my new mentor!

Linky Love has more visitors…

Gather Success

Linky Love

Since October 2006

Since October 2007

Not using the same counter does lead to differences, yet in 1 year less I show 6 times more visitors, so am I a rich girl now?

Let’s compare with similar tools first!

Atomic Blogging has better statistics

Gather Success

Linky Love

According to these tools, Atomic Blogging gives you double success!

Atomic Blogging has better earnings

Gather Success

Linky Love

$ 61.247,32

Since May 2007

$ 2914,58

Since April 2007

According to what we claim: Atomic Blogging gives you 20 times more money! With let’s say 10 times less visitors…

So I do know how to attract visitors, but it shows I don’t know how to monetize them as good as described in Atomic Blogging.

One main difference is that Atomic Blogging sells an e-book, where I only monetize through advertisements.

So my main goals for the coming future are:

  • write my own e-book and sell it (anybody good in illustrating please leave a comment)
  • follow all the money making techniques from Atomic Blogging

Linky Love is almost 1 year old!

Next month April 11 we will be celebrating our first birthday, so we will round up and give you a summary about:

  • the good things we did to make money online
  • the things to avoid when making money on the Internet

If you can’t wait till next week or want to earn more than $300 a month,
then buy Atomic Blogging.

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