Earn $7.5 when you review my blog

Yes, you can earn money when you review my blog, how cool is that!

You just need to click on the Get paid to review my post button at the bottom of each post and follow the instructions (or ask more explanations in a comment)

How to get the money?

Like with every other paid to post service (so if you never did a paid to post, it’s time to learn as that’s where the money is these days!)

  1. Clicks on the button that says: CLICK HERE!
  2. You will be prompted to sign up
  3. You need to submit your blog
  4. You need to wait until your blog gets approved (see https://payperpost.com/page/terms. Summarized you need a blog that’s 90 days old and has 20 posts in the last 90 days.)
  5. When your blog is approved: an $7.5 opportunity is created specifically for you, saying you need to review my blog.
  6. You must take that opportunity, write a review and submit.
  7. That post will be reviewed by Payperpost.
  8. Once approved: 30 days after submission you will be paid $7.50!

Special request for people waiting to get paid $7.50

If your name is in the list below, please comment where you stopped the above procedure, so we can get your $7.50 after all!

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