Earn 200$ a month on autopilot Monthly Earnings

starbucks coffeeThat’s a lot of Starbucks coffees on autopilot! Linky Love is less frantically posting on making money
online but we are using other blogs to make more money on the Internet.

The idea is not only to work hard, but also to work smart and find an optimal ROI : were I for Investment stands for:

  • your precious time you put into your blog and
  • your precious time you put into your blog promotion.

Blog promotion is made easy after reading Atomic Blogging and Easy SEO using Squidoo.

Although you still need to do the work, it makes a huge difference when you know your work is going to pay off in stead of yet buying and trying another ebook for success. Just stick to Atomic Blogging and Easy SEO using Squidoo and start writing posts and articles next to your favorite Starbucks coffee 🙂

How did we get our $200 this month?

Linky Love is one year old already, and the first month of the second year we made $202.05.

This month we made the most money
Atomic Blogging and Easy SEO using Squidoo.

$ 3265.95 total earnings

Breakdown Earnings Month 13


$200 is a nice monthly extra income for blogging about the things I really love: pets, making money online, some mindfree sexy gossip and SEO.

If you analyse my Month 6: $ 713.18 earnings, you know where I earn my big money 🙂 It’s easier to walk a flat surface than to climb a steep slope when it comes to earning money. What that means for you, you have to fill in yourself. For me that means making money online like I make money offline: teaching French.

It all boils down to:

  • how much do you want to earn
  • how much do you want to write about something you really love
  • how much time do you want to invest

Time is money, and I recommend you buy time purchasing 2 ebooks that have proven to work. Don’t buy 20 ebooks, because that’s just confirming yourself that the first 19 were not that good to start with.

I recommend Atomic Blogging for people:

  • who want to start a new blog
  • who have been blogging a while but don’t have much quality visitors

I recommend Easy SEO using Squidoo for people:

  • who know how to write articles like people who are great in writing paid to blog posts -PayPerPost, Smorty, Linkworth. Especially PayPerPost users that have seen their PageRank going down: you can now leverage your writing skills on Squidoo and see your PageRank only going up there!
  • who don’t want to loose time writing a complete blog (work smart in stead of too hard!)

Linky Love’s future

If you read until here, means you are serious about making money online.

That’s why we invite you to sign up for our Free How to Make Money Online course which will start once we have 10 subscribers. Leave a comment on our How to start a blog.

If something is not well explained in this post or on this blog, please ask in a comment!

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