Dog Treat Cookbooks

Happy Newyear!

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Dog treat cookbooks : blog of the day!

Happy new year to all of you and your pets! If you ever dreamt of giving your pets the same treatment as yourself and you love cooking, did you know you can cook dog treats yourself?

Most important: home made dog treats are most healthy! Not like industrial food. Remember the dog that died after eating food from the shop?

natural dog food

Yorkshire terrier Pebbles is treated for kidney failure
after eating dog food that was later recalled.
The 7-year-old dog has died already…

We read this sad dog story at Natural Pet Food from the Dog Treat Cookbooks blog.

Make money on the Internet with pets

If you didn’t know it yet, the pet industry is huge, so it’s not too difficult to make money online using pets as a subject.

Again: there are some niche subjects like heated kitten beds and of course the subjects that are out there but I can’t imagine what they are 🙂

Although I make money with cats selling the Dahrma the Cat Cartoon ebook here, you can make a website around the pet of your choice and start making money. The nice thing is: you will have a subject you love and every day you would be able to tell your visitors new stories.

Dog Treat Cookbooks offers you easy to make dog treats like the Dog cake recipe or entire cookbooks are reviewed (from Amazon dot com) like The ultimate dog treat cookbook.

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