Does anyone have tips for how to make an online dating profile?

I tried Eharmony last year for a 3 month period, and it didn’t go so well. I was matched up with a ton of girls, but outside of one I didn’t really get anywhere with any of them. And the one I did talk to a little bit, just stopped talking to me all of a sudden.

I am going to give it another shot. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to make a dating profile interesting and appealing to members of the opposite sex?


  1. Do NOT do online dating! Nothing on the Internet is safe, not even E-Harmony.

  2. Hi Matt,

    Your profile is the key thing deciding your fate in online dating. If it is like a magnet attracting people, then you are on your way to be a winner, but if vice versa, then you would simply be a loser. Many people don’t even add their picture to their profile. They are “behind the scene” type of folks. But what in fact they are doing is making it literally impossible for anyone who hits their profile to be impressed by a no name, no picture ghost. Ironically these are the staunch critics of the so called ‘ineffectiveness’ of online dating. Therefore, you must make your profile as colorful and fanciful as possible. Provide all information you can give without fully divulging all your personal details. The three ways to make your profile better Matt are as follows.

    1. Try to be honest and avoid being a pessimistic in your profile. Hiding information will always create a bad impression. I’ve seen many profiles mentioning such stunning facts that make them either angel or some kind of saint. Reality is always easily understandable. It needs no special time and no extra effort. A true profile is much better and more agreeable than a false one with heap of fanciful lies.

    The lack of enthusiasm is another key issue. A profile containing negative remarks about your own self or others creates disapproval in the viewers’ mind. Negativity simply repels people, while positivism attracts them.

    2. Avoid maniac comments and hysteric mentality in your profile. Such comments like: “I want to die or I am tired of this loneliness or I often think about suicide “are total waste of time and marks your profile as a losing proposition.

    Moreover, your profile can shine like gold if you add cool remarks like-“Send good wishes to your friends” or “Play poker with your friends”. The proper selection of your header is also of vital importance. A good header makes an average profile good and a bad one nullifies the overall impression of a good profile.

    Avoid being too simple and try to be unique in the way you show yourself on your profile. Instead of writing “I like girls with blond hair, “say: “I have a special taste for golden hair and blond girls, both make my heart beat faster and I would love to date someone blond,”. Uniqueness is always attention catching.

    3. The real output of creating a profile on many dating sites is to get responses which are from people of your choice and not from those whose company you would obviously not enjoy. If your profile fulfils all the said requirements, then it can be classified as a good profile. Having a picture, a realistic yet attractive description of yourself, some uniqueness, and positive vibes with clear distinction of the age group you are looking for would create a ‘win win’ situation for you on the online dating websites.

    this is all that I have for you.these little tips worked so perfectly with me of course if are in the right place to date otherwise nothing will work.Here’s a great dating website that I personally use for about a year and half so far,honestly,I got 4 dates 3 of’em end up the way i want lol.
    here’s the website:

    I hope you find your soul mate there 🙂 lol

  3. Avoid cliches, be honest and be friendly. If you manage to come across as having a sense of adventure then it’s bound to attract a lot of attention.

    This article might helpd with writing a profile

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