Do you get more traffic using SEO, SMO or SM?

Let’s illustrate these 3 top ways to attack lots of visitors step by step:

  1. SM Sado Masochism "Used by Rihanna",
  2. SEO: Search Engine Optimization "Used by Linky Love",
  3. SMO: Social Media Optimization "Used by Atomic Blogging"

3. Use SMO to attract more visitors

SEO or Social Media Optimization is extremely well explained and made easy by Alvin Phang in his ebook Atomic Blogging, he just calls it Atomic Blogging :-).

Social Media are community sites focusing on :

  1. news like in Digg and Slashdot
  2. interesting findings like in StumbleUpon and ClipMarks
  3. content like in Squidoo and Wikipedia
  4. relationships like in MySpace and FaceBook

The fun of Social media is instant:

  • you get noticed as soon as you join
  • the more you buzz yourself, the more you get noticed

Your efforts are instantly rewarded once you sign up for Free to any of these Social Media.

To increase your rewards, you can automate some of the Social Media buzzing like in the "SHARE THIS" button at the left bottom of my site or you use other tips, tricks and automatic programs from Atomic Blogging

2. Use SEO to attract more visitors

SEO is Linky Love’s most favorite traffic generation method 🙂

I love search engines, I love to look things up and that love makes search engines my friend.

Disadvantages of using SEO to attack visitors

  • if you don’t love SEO, it’s never going to work for you!
  • having said so: if you try to work your way up fast "closing your eyes and using SEO programs": you are wasting your money!!!
  • if you are using SEO, be prepared that for competitive keywords, you could end up waiting 1 year before you get your competitive keywords number 1.

Advantages of SEO

If you know about finding niche sites, you will rank number 1 in a couple of days for not too competitive keywords.

You can also find SEO tips and tricks and a niche keyword research tool in Atomic Blogging, but you can also find those tips and tricks scattered all over the Linky Love site 🙂

1. Use SM to attract more visitors

Rihanna SM

Rihanna is using SM to attract more visitors. I mean: she is supposed to be a singer right? But adding a bit of sexy spicy stuff in it, and you get a much bigger audience than before. Call it "the oldest trick in the book" attracting fresh visitors.

It doesn’t have to be SM, BDSM or whatever flavor, it just has to be spicy.

Have a look in our topsites, and you will notice who is attracting visitors using sexy spices.

How to attract most visitors

Use all 3 methods above and remember:

  • if your website is new, you gain the most traffic with Social Media Optimization
  • start using SEO at the beginning of your blog, but be patient until it slowly starts picking up momentum. Meanwhile get your visitors through Social Media Optimization
  • add some sexy spice, visitors love to return to sexy spicy blogs (people are people…)

Example using the 3 methods together

manaudouAfter I posted on December 18:

  1. SM a spicy post
  2. SEO optimized for the search engines
  3. SMO submitted to all the social media possible + asked my friends to buzz in their social media

My unique visitors count those days peaked well over 20.000

SM SEO SMO Optimization




18 Dec 2007


4.77 GB

19 Dec 2007


9.27 GB

20 Dec 2007


7.53 GB

21 Dec 2007


5.77 GB

Oh yes, if you do everything right, make sure you have enough bandwidth ready 😉

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