Did you know: 1 out of 4 will get cancer!

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Metastatic Liver Cancer

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Blog of the Weekend: Liver Cancer

cancer story

We already made this blog of the weekend before. Yet with all things cancer and health: once you feel good, you forget about your health and about cancer.

That’s why we make it blog of the weekend again. Please add your story because most cancer stories are unspoken:

non cancer survivors cannot speak…

A must read are:

If you have a cancer story like Pammy’s liver cancer , please leave a comment at Metastatic Liver Cancer: the more stories, the more people will be aware that there is a silent killer amongst us, much more dangerous than "the war on terror"…

1 out of 4 people has or will get cancer!

Why is metastatic liver cancer monetized?

Cathy’s cancer story says her sister has no money for pain medication! Just imagine how it must feel like when there is a tumor inside your body pushing away your other organs… tormenting PAIN!

Yes, there is lots of help available, as long as you pay for it!

The second reason why extra money is needed :

  • your partner dies: somebody has to pay the funeral
  • the state says: "so you inherit your partners fortune, we will tax that!!!"
    Just imagine the house that was from both of you, now officially becomes yours, so you need to pay taxes on it…
  • monthly retirement money is reduced: you still have to pay heating and electricity for your entire house though
  • your partner can no longer help you out, so anything that needs to be done, you need to pay outside help

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