Denise Bowled Me Over Via a Free Dating Site

Free Dating is awesome, plain and simple. I met my current girlfriend while I was online free dating. We’ve been going steady for just over a year now and I’ve never been more in love.

Our first actually, physical date was fantastic and I think that is what really showed us that we were meant for each other. After free dating online for about 2 months, and about 15 phone calls, we decided it was time to hook up. We went bowling for our first non-free date. We met down at the local lanes, got our shoes and made a joke or two about the hilarious patterns on them.

Anyways, I won’t talk too much about the bowling portion… only that Denise should REALLY be on a bowling team, she mopped the floor with me, and I think the final score was something like, 245 for her and like 162 for me. OUCH! Anyways, we made some jokes about my performance and for the next portion of our non free dating date; we went out to dinner, nothing fancy, just this little Greek restaurant on Main Street. Dinner was fantastic, as usual, and we both decided to go back to my place to have some wine.

When we got out to my car, Denise discovered that my tire was flat, and sure enough it was starting to rain. So, she took a seat inside and I changed the tire. I got in soaking wet and she chuckled at me. When we got back to my house we had some wine and chatted a bit out free dating and how we had gotten into the whole free dating thing. I was introduced by a friend, and she was introduced by her sister.

Well, fast fore ward a bit here. Just over a year since we started free dating and we going strong, and to this day, I still cant touch her bowling score! So to reiterate, Free dating is awesome!

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