Dengue Fever Duration

dengue fever durationHow much longer does the world need to endure dengue fever until we focus on it?

Do you know the Aedes Mosquito and Effective Way To Control Mosquito Bites?

More than 70.000 cases of Dengue Fever in Brazil (Rio), this year alone! But it’s a known killer (at least 70 people died this year in Brazil). A known killer that just kills more innocent people each and every year…

Why is it when you look how many people are looking for dengue information, they use the languages Spanish, Portuguese and Tagalog?

Right: US and the west isn’t struck (YET!!!) so they rather fight a war against terror… Or they gather millions of money for their personal campaign like Mr Obama… things you could be proud of if you would use them for a better cause in stead than just your personal benefit. If you really have the people in mind: spend the money on the people!

Dengue fever rash

All you need is 1 bite from 1 Aedes Mosquito, and :

  • one week later you could see dengue fever rashes and
  • the next week you are dead!

And these rashes cannot be cured by "magical" Aloe Vera: you just hope your body can beat the virus before the virus beats you…

Just know that the mosquito can travel with airplanes and doesn’t have to keep in Asia or South America forever!

dengue fever

Say NO to Mosquito BITES
Effective Way To Control Mosquito Bites


  1. Lucien de la Peste says

    20,000 dead?


    Up to yesterday, 79 people had died in this dengue epidemic.

    There have been around 40,000 cases and I think this is what you are referring to.

  2. You are right Lucien, 20.000 dead would be a bit too sad…

    But still: having a drip, monitoring your bloodplatelets and having transfusion platelets by hand most likely would have got most of those dead people still up and running today.

    It is sad that a simple procedure like that isn’t available but medical industries rather focus on hiv drugs because… These drugs have to be taken every day of the rest of a persons life.

    And you don’t need to run a make money online blog to understand that recurrent income is much more lucrative than a 1 time gain.

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