Deadly Teen Dating – Tyra (Part 4)

The Tyra Banks Show – ”Violence in teen dating” (Recorded Mar 12, 2009, WWOR)


  1. jenay411 says

    this bitch stupid

  2. thevaiogirl says

    @withlove312 i was thinging the same thing

  3. joshypie15 says

    if your boyfriend leaves dnt stay think before u do something stupid. never let a man touch u contact the attorities.


  5. devicemedic says

    @shagottaholla we worry about grammer… before..we worry about abusive men who can rape and murder a woman…really?

  6. imadokieve13 says

    he will change 2 the worse -_-
    i hate when love is an excuse for misery

  7. Anonymous7043 says

    He CAN change…. But… 🙁 Uh.

  8. punkkimiko says

    sweety hes NEVER gonna change -_-…..

  9. withlove312 says


  10. sandythebear says

    I feel sorry for kimberly’s kids if she has any

  11. trouwpy4ever says

    @xysgirl94 she s fucking dumb !!!

  12. alexus4006 says

    tyra is so right…. i love how she will call bullshit wen she sees it…. and she keeps it 100 wit u and tries to guide u in the right direction.. keep duin it girl!!! (and u killin that dress nohomo)

  13. mackadell1234 says

    poor girl that sun of a bitch i would of got my brother to kick his ass an fuck him up pussy ass nigga these days for real

  14. kittea009 says

    wow that kim girl cant even talk… i dont think he never will… um.. wow RETARD you should have learned to talk in like what the 3rd grade?

  15. prettygrl222 says

    @xysgirl94 her mother needs to put her foot down. well she should have a lont time ago…

  16. worser?


  17. Titanstower says

    this is wat i call the stupid girl epidemic. they r so insecure about themselves that they date guys who r abusive and say that they’re in love. sweetie ur a teenager. u don’t know love.

    also, i call this something called, “not a real man epidemic” Men who hit girls r not men! they r fucking pussies for hitting defenceless girls. fight a guy if u wanna show dominance. mother fucks. all of u insecure, low-life men who hit girls.

  18. Noobzoo19 says

    @yashi92 I know self defence in a women vs a man fight you could only kick him in the balls because the man is alot stronger than you seriously get real

  19. @Noobzoo19 That’s not the only self defense move their is.

  20. Noobzoo19 says

    @yashi92 yeah so your gonna knee him in his balls good luck with that

  21. @Noobzoo19 It’s not about who’s stronger or who’s a wimp, it’s self defense.

  22. Noobzoo19 says

    @yashi92 haha wow your boyfriend must be a big pussy if you think you can kick his ass..

  23. 09AshMck says

    oh wow i feel so bad i wish i could see what he looks like

  24. stikitape214 says

    what a dumb fucking slut !!!
    ‘ i haerd him say i want you to rape this girl and kill her after to his homeboy and asked me to drive to his home so i did ‘
    what kind of a dumb bitch would drive to someones house after they said somethng like that
    i would call the cops for threatening to kill me

  25. MyahMechelle says

    @shagottaholla i noticed how horrible her grammer is too!

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