Day Game Pick Up – How To Get Instant Dates With Women Watch as I approach this hottie and get her on an instant date with me within a few minutes! This is just a snippet of our full-length dvd set available at our website. Mystery,method,pickup,artist,vh1,the,pick,up,artist,day game,approach,pickup girls,pick up girls


  1. al7alem111 says

    I have really seen many dating tips clips but I never found better practical tips like yours… keep it up man…

  2. PARIIX100 says

    cool,mindblowing video…., u realy a pro dude.!!!

  3. damn… ur hella pro bro

  4. Lawless7777 says

    good job!

  5. iCeGungrave says

    i want to see a video where he fails because of a certain mistake or almost fails because of a mistake and then explaining what went wrong and what could go wrong. also what to do if what you plan goes wrong. for example she interrupts you halfway during a story or if she says shes got a boyfriend

  6. SirHappyThe1st says

    I have watched so many PUA`s in the last month and this guy Alex is by far the best at showing and explaning his game.

    His relaxed style and his easy going way of expressing himself greatly helps.

    Alex is second to none. 5 stars.

  7. jeremysolowa says

    him: you’ve never been there before?

    her: no, no

    him: well you’re missing out big time.

    her: (i dont know)

    him: you would suck as my tour guide.

  8. dude ur great at it…cant wait to become a pro! =D

  9. you look like jc van damme

  10. sammy3531 says

    lol the old guy on the bench is just staring at them like there in a freak show…..haha

  11. luckyvidoes says

    Hahahaha. I loved it. He is actually enjoying the pickup live in person. Old man is lucky!
    He should not lose those notes.

  12. FrostKatana says

    Haha the old guy on the bench is just looking.

  13. TheDdavids says

    ^^ very down to earth and quite funny!

  14. cleaner1984 says

    Hi Alex, congrats for your videos that are awsome. Could you add subtitles to your videos. I am sure there are a lot of non native english speakers here (like me) and although I get most of the discussion, I don’t understand some parts sometimes (like the first teases between 1:10 and 1:20, I have no clue what you are saying, even after repeating the video many times!). Do we get subtitles or transcripts when we subscribe? Thanks!

  15. you are hardcore! wow friggn elite 😛

    Some good tips!

  16. you sound like one of the chickens from chicken run, LOL thats great. She kinda does.

  17. shawtylikemystyle says

    the old man sitting down is taking notes

  18. forthemices says

    dude, you are brilliant )))

  19. did you hit that shit homie??

  20. cleric471 says

    6:01 aaaahh THE DIGITS : )

  21. ronnyhei55 says

    this gau even knows how to pick up hanna montana. lovers story of natural intensity … alex is the joker!

  22. ronnyhei55 says

    This guy even knows how to pick up hanna montana! love that suger

  23. Fredman5551 says

    if johnny depp approached her, she would have tagged along. regardless if she had a boyfriend or not.

    Work on your game a bit more. and dont go off as wanting to date. you come from a “needy” sort of perspective. as her to go somewhere to hang out with a friend or something so they arnt pressured

  24. Holymannn says

    Hahaha yea i noticed the azn guy watching as well!

  25. MrFeets4life says

    Do I want to get your phone #??? LOL

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