David Roy Pescatore

David Roy Pescatore fished himself out of anonymity by backing John Edwards’ campaign (I am sure Ron Paul will be very jealous that he is not the one backed up by unknown David Roy Pescatore…)

David Roy Pescatore biography

david roy pescatoreDavid Roy Pescatore used to be a not too famous yet international haircut model with haircuts quite short, exotic and punk.

Ok, that was way back in the 1980s… when new wave and German singers Amanda Lear and incredibly talented punk singer Nina Hagen were top of the crop.

nina hagen harajuku clothes

Nina Hagen wearing post Harajuku Clothes:
now successfully branded by Gwen Stefani

David Roy Pescatore meets Madonna

david roy pescatore madonnaDavid Roy Pescatore becomes more famous by jumping on the bandwagon of 1992 Madonna’s Sex book which accompanied her Erotica album.

DR must have been upset not to have been featured amongst some of the unknown faces in Madonna’s book…

In reality, David Roy Pescatore was against sexual imagery in marketing: no muscular men, no boobs, no gender…

Unfortunately, being glamorous yet sex-less (gender neutral) doesn’t sell well, and David Roy Pescatore digged his own grave in the modeling industry.

David Roy Pescatore meets Canada

Rumors said that David Roy Pescatore got killed by rabies in Canada and David couldn’t care less to set the record straight (straight is not gender-neutral anyways).

Being out of a job, David Roy Pescatore picked up his live by becoming a pharmaceutical salesman. He purchased a home in the Philadelphia suburb of Moorestown, NJ and changed his name. All was nice and quite, just like he wanted it until…

David Roy Pescatore meets John Edwards

Pescatore is Italian for fisherman, and David Roy’s latest catch brought him in the news again:

david roy pescatore

David Roy Pescatore catches John Edwards and the world’s attention

A few days ago, Pescatore calls a radio station to give his opinions in the ongoing political radio debate about the upcoming presidential elections.

According to David Roy Pescatore: John Edwards is "the only guy out there who’s really willing to put up a fight" against "the elites who do their best to maintain a permanent underclass". During the course of the discussion, however, he left enough clues to spark interest.

An idea that he voiced already many decades ago. On top of that he portrayed himself like:

  • David Roy
  • having had a career in the modeling industry,
  • having spent time north of the border and
  • revealing to be from Moorestown.

Shows that the radio show has lots of listeners: some of them assembled the puzzle that David Roy was no less than David Roy Pescatore.

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