David DeAngelo on Picking Up Women In Bars & Clubs

Dating guru, David Deangelo talks about picking up women in bars and clubs. Read more: www.seduction-chronicles.net


  1. mopbrothers says

    @julioq10 Good point, but girls dont like me. So life sucks.

  2. julioq10 says

    @mopbrothers you could read all you want, but at the end all this philosophies condradict themselves. because you read them to like girls. and thats the biggest mistake you can make. you shouldnt try to like girls, they should try to like you. youre are supposed to be superior than them.

  3. ItalMafioso says

    This seems like to much work, just go for drunk chicks, its waay easier.

  4. julioq10 says

    @DjKDM7000 yeah, and you cant expect people buy a book that just says that line. anyway ive been browsing the web, and i discovered cajun. who is he?
    hes a freak, why is he a freak?because if you see how much women he gets, it freaks you out. its incredible, anyway i was watching an interview of him, and he said he started reading “the game”. look it up, it has great feedback, and he says he will teach you everything a venusian artist needs to know in 30 days.

  5. DjKDM7000 says

    @julioq10 Actually it is in his material, but….. not so bluntly put. He can’t just say “the biggest turn on for women is rejection” and then stop or move on with no further explanation. Just imagine the result of doing such a thing… imagine the emails “hey you told me to reject them, so I’ve been doing that and it’s not working..” As far as made up testimonials, …it’s very hard to say if they are all real, 50% real, or all fabricated, but if it works and is not off topic, it’s all good.

  6. julioq10 says

    @DjKDM7000 i think we both agree that itll be a lot easier if he just made them up. anyway here goes the best seduction weapon. its based on something napoleon bonaparte said: the only battle that is won by running, its the one into a women´s heart. wich means that the biggest turn on for women is rejection. there it is, and thats not in davids books

  7. CharlesKing104 says

    It will be great to have a full length video of David DeAngelo.

  8. pussymccoy says

    @DjKDM7000 congratulations buddy, you got at the point which I was pointing at ))….. thanks for this interesting conversation…. cheers

  9. mopbrothers says

    This shit never works for me. I try to make silly deals with women in bars all the time (like doing their laundry for a week via betting on a pool game) and I’ve never ended up sleeping with any of them that way.

  10. DjKDM7000 says

    @pussymccoy It’s not literally “how to get laid”. However, that image sells, so yes, selling it like it’s specifically about getting laid is a good idea because.. well to keep it short, it attracts people! People like the “quick fix”, and making people think “how to get laid” makes them think it will be “1. bla bla bla and 2 bla bla bla and she will want to jump in bed with you” – QUICK! But.. like you said… in reality it’s not that easy – there is no specific WAY, just numerous specific WAYS.

  11. DjKDM7000 says

    @pussymccoy BINGO!!! a lot of aspects you must change about yourself = learning new things then make it a natural part of your behavior.. AND THEN!!! – you can be yourself!!! Also – everyone has their own way to figure out how to get attracted: This is why you don’t take the advice portions of David’s material specific and verbatim – ONLY use it to help yourself get some ideas, and also take what you learn and choose how you want to use it personally. Just use it appropriately.

  12. pussymccoy says

    @DjKDM7000 …this isn’t just about how to talk “right” or “not right” to a woman at the bar….. by the way everyone while communicating with other people is “selling” himself….you can reflect this on any situation….. this video is funny and nice to listen… but with this whole “how to get laid” instructions, many people get also confused…. there is no specific WAY….everyone has its own way to find out how to get attracted… I’d like to proceed but I have no time for this…. cheers

  13. pussymccoy says

    @DjKDM7000 buddy I am personal coach for years….and my rates are about 500 euro per hour…. so trust me … i know a lot about people…. I agree with some parts of your arguments but it is getting too philosophical…. first of all… people are NOT mentally programmed…. it depends on how we been raised in your childhood…. furthermore, there are alot of aspects which you should first change about yourself if you have no luck with women….

  14. DjKDM7000 says

    @pussymccoy pt 3 By the way, I just noticed what you said about women being unpredictable on a daily basis – which is why the guests in his products teach you SPECIFICALLY how to deal with those different “sides” of women. It’s not difficult, really. it’s just a matter of understanding how humans generally think and operate. Many sales/marketing jobs do the EXACT SAME THING – teach you how to do things a certain way to get a certain reaction out of different personality types and most moods…

  15. DjKDM7000 says

    @TheSleazySaint Pt 2 Me saying these arguments are dumb was dumb because I myself like talk radio and debates (as some of you can tell). Without arguments / debates / competition, life would be much less fun and stimulating.

  16. DjKDM7000 says

    @TheSleazySaint You are 100% correct. The arguments are NOT dumb. However, the type of responses some people are leaving are dumb because many people are responding based on emotion rather than factual logic and common sense. Many are responding based on frustration with women and the fact that they believe it’s not fair that people charge and make money off of them or that they have to risk getting a product that they are unsure of. –> I remember the days I used to be JUST AS UPSET…

  17. DjKDM7000 says

    @pussymccoy pt 2. but all that doesn’t matter. People either understand psychology and the laws of attraction or they don’t. It really doesn’t matter to me what other’s know. I’m not selling anything, I’m not making money off of any of this, and I know what I need (well I don’t NEED to, but choose) to know, so it makes no difference to me whether people get it or not. I speak about something, and people will either 1 understand it 2 misunderstand it 3 choose not to believe it…etc. Case closed.

  18. DjKDM7000 says

    @pussymccoy Bottom line is this: People either 1. Are naturally good at attracting people, 2. LEARN how to attract people, or 3. live their lives having social problems. All people have been mentally programmed to behave in certain ways. if this wasn’t true, then psychology wouldn’t exist, learning sales pitches/techniques and other forms of catching people’s attention would not exist. This things exist because certain people have figured out that people are designed to respond certain ways to..

  19. pussymccoy says

    guys and the easies way on getting women……….. just wink with a few hundred bucks…….if you don’t have it…its time to change your job or you’d die as a virgin…. LMAO )))

  20. pussymccoy says

    @DjKDM7000 you forget one thing…….. women are not like computer… where you can learn things for….. women are unpredictable, a woman can be today one way tomorrow a totally different way……. and with “be yourself!” I didn’t mean being a retard and not even be able to start a simple conversation with a woman….there is always a 50/50 chance….and most of men are scared because of a “no”…..so with being yourself is meant to be natural and not to pretend to be some casanova…

  21. TheSleazySaint says

    @DjKDM7000 unless you’re arguing about which video game console is the best.
    Those arguments are not dumb.

  22. DjKDM7000 says

    @pussymccoy Everything that exists in this planet has been designed to work in very specific ways. Therefore, everything in this planet, whether living or non living, can be put to “manual instruction” when it comes to learning how those things operate and how to deal with them- whether it be biology (animals) psychology (humans) or man made machines to plant life and planetary/universal structure. Whatever you are doing naturally to attract women is precisely what some others need to learn…

  23. DjKDM7000 says

    @julioq10 pt 2. and also, I’m not sure if the success stories are real or not. I’ve thought about it a couple times, but I do imagine if anyone learned from and understood the material I got from David D, they’d of course be dying to say something – ESPECIALLY when it comes to learning this type of topic! It’s just human nature. But I’m sure the “hate mail” is equal to the success stories. It’s just that using the “unsuccessful stories” really isn’t a bright promotional marketing strategy..

  24. DjKDM7000 says

    @julioq10 Since I am Psychic 😀 I will respond to this comment. 1. Of course most of the success stories would look the same. Keep in mind that most people (adults) maintain a certain level of ability when it comes to using correct grammar structure, punctuation, and spelling. The average person has limited knowledge on doing these things correctly, therefore, on average, everybody seems to write the same, or look the same in writing. Look at Facebook/MySpace comments…etc. ALL “look the same”

  25. Re1Mu2R3 says

    Dude some of us are wusses and we weren’t fortunate enough to have been born tall or good-looking or rich. David just wants to help people like us out.

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