Dating tips?

I’m going on a first date with this girl I met recently and if I wasn’t nervous enough, it is also my first date ever. I need some dating tips.


  1. be yourself man, don’t pretend….but be cool also..

  2. just be urself….

  3. smiley_girl862002 says

    be yourself!!

  4. craz34jason says

    1. SHOWER (if you have cologne-spray just a little, too much could be a turn off)
    2. Fix your hair
    3. Brush your teeth and make sure you don’t have bad breath
    4. wear appropriate clothings that look nice (depending on where you’re going)
    5. offer to pay
    6. HOld open doors at all times
    7. Make sure you have a lot of eye contact and smile a lot.
    8. A few compliments won’t hurt
    9. Check mirrors…
    10. BE YOURSELF…if she doesn’t like you the way you are, i’m sure someone out there will! =D

    Also, don’t move too quickly on a first date. Holding hands is ok if she agrees to. Hope it helps.

  5. Yeah, they’re generic and guessable, but oh well.

    1. Be yourself.
    2. Follow the Golden Rule.
    3. Be a gentleman.
    4. Don’t do anything you might regret later.

    There they are. Hope it helps!

  6. Remember she is going on the date… so she must like you.
    Just be yourself, be honest and respectful. And most of all
    have fun.

  7. princess_danica12 says

    First of all i thing u should be a gentleman and always compliment her say that she is looking really pretty as always but u should just be urself but is u r a jerk forget about it well unless if ur date like jerks???? which is really stupid

  8. Everyone has a lot of great tips. Be yourself and be a gentle men is always a great way to go. So many gusy think its stupid to hold doors open or bring flowers but it makes you stand out. Girls LOVE attention like that. And trust me…CALL her the next day or if the date ends early enough and goes faily well…call her that nite to let her know you had a good time. Calling her can make or even break a great date!

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