Dating Tips : Why Do Men Date Younger Women?

Men often date younger women because they can, and because they may feel like a younger woman’s energy and spontaneity is desirable for them. Discover why some men date younger women with tips from the author of several dating books in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. resveratroltry says

    Just go to ?o???p??o?? and find out why I married a Brazilian trophy lady rather than a western woman.

  2. I know several women who date and have married older men, and without fail, it was for the money, status/power and they freely admit it to their girlfriends . Most of them also flirt outrageously (& cheat if they’re sure they won’t get “caught” and lose out due to a prenup). It’s too close to prostitution for me. My guy had set a limit on dating people much younger because he wants to have life experiences in common and thinks it’s creepy to be with someone young enough to be his daughter

  3. TheDrugtopia says

    @EastLosX3 lmao not all young pussy ive seen some loose ones

  4. luisd8818 says

    I think if you date someone that is 7 years older or more, something is wrong with you

  5. BrightLightGirl says

    This is such incredible BULLSHIT!!! This never happens in real life, only in movies. Young women are NEVER attracted to older men, it’s completely repulsive!!! Whenever an older guy has checked me out or hit on me or anything, I’m so repulsed & insulted that I get extremely angry & upset. Why would I want an old guy when I can have a young, hot one? It’s inappropriate and way out of line for them even to look at a younger woman.

  6. Single Women over 30 are boring, they have loads of baggage, they still are trying to find that ideal man like the one who dumped them, and the worse thing they do is come onto the internet displaying a girls name and get hit on by every sad left over man on here, that makes their confidence grow way to much. Give me a younger woman anyday.

  7. hbomb2579 says

    @krogdog I completely agree! Women have a hard time admitting the truth that younger women are more attractive, period. There’s no contest. A younger woman’s body will have more to offer for a man of any age for all of his senses. Women are like cars. No man prefers one that’s high mileage and has been wrecked.

  8. layhayla says

    My husband is 12 years my senior,He enjoys having a younger wife his ex was his age and was not as aggresive in the bedroom and also was not as youthful looking of course,but it’s more of a sexual nature I believe

  9. raymonm5 says

    @angelinocat say you dike, men can date any women we want. we own this world its a mans world baby and just because no one pays attention to your ugly dike ass doesnt mean other people cant date. laws of attraction. now go eat the peanuts out dr.pauls arse

  10. amandaglaim says

    like, now i know why. .im 19 and dating a 42 year old that is still good looking, very energetic and good in bed. so hey. it works. i love him

  11. daisygirrl1234 says

    lol whats up with the robe?….hugh hefner

  12. MsCynicool says

    Dude, you are straight nasty. You’re not energetic or spontaneous. You’re probably drinking filtered prune juice. Men only have “man years” if they have money. If you’re into glorified prostitutes, rock on. I bet your sack smells like moth balls.

  13. angelinocat says

    older men are ugly

  14. You’re terribly misguided in your ideas, men date younger women because they are better-looking and more fertile. It’s for the same reason women are attracted to the males (jocks) who demonstrate the most physical prowess. In terms of the Darwin-ian school of thought, this will better ensure the survival of the species. Men can stay good-looking well into their 40’s whereas a woman’s prime years are few and fast…18-26 then it’s all over! Sorry but that’s the truth :-/

  15. ImaSumac4ever says

    this video leaves out younger men that are because of their age, dynamic and , duh, young. also, it stereotypes middle age by saying middle age women are not energetic nor dynamic. this video is such a chliche, the only thing he forgot was the cuban cigar. heffner wannabe.

  16. angelinocat says

    men can’t date younger women…at least not the smart and confident ones…it only works for high energy leaders b/c those men are extremely intelligent and exceptional…most older men are gross b/e they are corrupt and didn’t take care of themselves…if older men don’t want to date women their own age, those men are losers.

  17. cosmicgate07 says

    I think some dudes date younger women because they are pervs and want a young women in bed jajaja

  18. xxDarkstreamxx says

    6th comment.
    this video bored me….sorry. ^_^

  19. afrolewis1 says

    3rd comment yahhh

  20. EastLosX3 says

    easy answer, young pussy is tight!

  21. gotupnow says

    2nd comment! yeah!!! sucky video.

  22. LeonGames says

    second comment 😀

  23. zacklton says

    First comment YEAH!!!!

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