Dating Tips : Things to Talk About On a First Date

On a first date, it’s not a good idea to talk about religion or politics, but instead to talk about light-hearted subjects like movies, books and celebrities. Use a first date to get to know the interests of the other person withtips from the author of several dating books in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. krausersassassin says

    I gotta problem this girl likes me but im not atracted to her and we dont really have enough in common problem is we kinda are in this group club thing so i see her in this club with my other friends i dont think she knows i know but its bothering to be around her thinking of what shes thinking of me…….it is most awkward

  2. juneride says

    Invite her to your place to smoke some pot.
    You would be surprised how many women would want to relax with a “bad boy” who doesn’t judge.
    There is a bad girl inside every woman, and even a “nice” girl can have sex on the first date. It happens on spring breaks, after parties, etc.

  3. juneride says

    Women like to vent. Try to open her up and make her feel she can say anything to you like to an old friend. Then she is yours

  4. thehulk24258 says

    lol mayb da girls you mess wit jus dont want sex from you lol cuz 80% of da girls i mess wit fucked after dates da others jus wanted to make out

  5. mathieu777 says

    ok so i have been talking to this girl.. and she seems comfortable around me.. and i do have feelings for her so i asked out to supper.. we both agreed to take it slow and see if something happens in the future.. thing is i have trouble sparking conversation with her.. and i am nervous on what to expect and talk about on the 1st date… this vid did not help btw…. are age group is 17-18

  6. ChromatopelmaDude says

    Well, first of all… DON’T!! If you need some so bad, get a hooker or jerk off!

    Girls find it seriously uncomfortable to get sexual hints, before you’re a couple.

    I know about the “be yourself”-thing, but you seriously need to be somebody else at dates and during relationships. Asking a question like that is like asking how an animal does this and that. Girls are different, just like some guys like hockey and some like football.

    But trust me, 99% of all girls don’t want sex after dates

  7. nicefella29 says

    Has anybody got any tips on how i get a girl to give up some pussy on a date. I seem to be a bit of a failure at getting a woman into bed, im ok at getting a date but thats as far as it goes…

  8. misfitbunny says

    do u haver for any class??? if u do u could try to sit next to her and talk if she touch u like in the arm or anything then she most likely lieks you =]

  9. misfitbunny says

    most likely he likes u 2 =] just guys usally dont like to be turned down so they dont ask…i should know im thinking about asking a girl out that done the same thing u done i guess =]

  10. 2ra0bid9 says

    i have this girl we talk and stuff she knows a like like and weve talk but she known that i liked her for like 3 week i wanna ask her our but the days are always busy and then when i want to ask her out her brothers always around her and shes quite alot not erally shy though
    need help on when to ask her out and stuff

  11. TGreyhair says

    Hi Rachael

    Well because of the situation I would watch what I’m doing. The thing is you could ask him on a date but it might offend your X. I was in a similar situation so what I would do is talk to your X in private to see if it’s okay before you make your move on asking your boyfriend on a date.

    Well hope this helps as well.

  12. sxyrachael says

    Hmm But What If He says No And Coz I’ve dated one of his mathes before and Adam (my boyfriend) dont mind But he recons Ellis (his m8 my X) Silllikes me but still tells him everyhing! I’d Have 2 Avoid seeing Ellis 4 Agees And I’d B Embarrassed Wb

  13. TGreyhair says

    Hi Rachael

    It sounds like you’re got a good relationship going on with your boyfriend. It’s only natural to feel nervous about asking him on a date. The thing I would do in your situation is when the time is right ask him when his mates are somewhere else.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

  14. sxyrachael says

    Ok Here’s My Problem. I got a boyfriend Who seems Really Into me And Well Like When I c him In Skool I just Wanna hug him and Yeah He dus Give me Hugs nd stuff . I only see him in school and I wanna Ask him on a date but his mates are allways around and I’d Be Really Embarased 2 tell the truth 2 even ask him on a date! please Reply 2 this anybody who thinks they can Help! Thankyou

  15. PopKornPlayer88 says

    when ur on a first date it means that u already know a little bit the person so u cant ask stuf like were do u work/study/how old r u ( LOL) :)…my opinion is talk about things u saw on tv movies like the good doctor said 🙂 ..clothes , complement her/him on their clothes , first date is easy u cant go wrong , the hardest part is asking out 😀 ! confidace – be direct – a little funny dont say stuf like maybe if u like i can take u ….. u can say direct as this i’d like u to go with me to koffe

  16. HappyCaramel says

    Most men I meet don’t read books, and I don’t know much about sports. On “Christian” dating, it’s hard not to talk about religion. Movies is a good idea. Keep the ideas coming.

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