Dating Tips – Spending Money on Dates

Dating coach Savoy gives you tips on how you should spend your money on dates. Ifyou want to find out more on pickup up, dating, and seducing women please visit our website Tags: love systems lovesystems daygame day game dating pua the pickup artist live hidden camera video how to howto seduction dating social dynamics bootcamp demo sarging k-close fclose full close seduce style neil strauss flirting pickup lines number kiss close kino escalation howto how to body language attraction comfort qualification openers opening transition attract women approach anxiety braddock savoy dahunter kisser 5.0 cajun tenmagnet the don big business fader hiroller knoxville lbd moxie mr.m prestige rokker samurai sheriff soul sphinx londonsoul


  1. neometalx9 says

    thank you a lot, im a broke ass bastard now i know how!

  2. neometalx9 says

    seems you have a lot of first dates . LOL

  3. visionimagify says

    Also, going to a fun-place like Franky’s Fun Park, or Putt Putt is a great place as well. I know I’d like a guy to go against me on Dance Dance Revolution if I were a chick.

  4. AGuitarHero605 says

    OH MY GOD, Dude pretty cool advice =)

    now I’ll be able to buy the motorcycle I always wanted to HAHAHA

  5. frankie743 says

    I think pretty cool advice.

  6. langoorsingh says

    Great money advice.

  7. boleiaorg says

    thanks very much

  8. Magicnuggetspua says

    Money advice 🙂

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