Dating Tips : How to Make Eye Contact

When making eye contact, avoid staring at the person, give someone a look that lasts for 10 to 15 seconds, and consider practicing on a friend. Try not to make eye contact that is creepy or uncomfortable with tips from adating coach in this free video on dating and relationship advice. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. alprazolammy says

    fuk dat!!!! b yourself and shorties will love u!!!! b fake and you’ll only b loving yourself!!!!lmao

  2. jjst1994 says

    My x still likes me and i like her to but she is going out with my best friend,shes always hanging around me instead of her bf and i hang around her and when we are in class our eyes most of the time meet for like 5 second or so then she starts smiling also shes always like hitting me but gentally and i made this Poem for her and im no sure if i should give it to her can you guys give me any tips?

  3. bluemoonseller says

    Just got slap for testing eye contact…. thanks.

  4. JBroMCMXCI says

    I practised on my mom but now we’re both being sentenced for incest 🙁

  5. MountErrigal says

    15 seconds is way to long dear. That will make things even more awkward

    can you imagine what any girl would say to her friend if you looked for 15 seconds. It would be ” oh my god there is this creepy guy staring at me, call security….”

  6. amrelsa2a89 says

    Loooooooooooool :)))))))

  7. i wish i had a sister i can practice with. i’d probably end up practicing a lot more than just making eye contact.

  8. superamerica1981 says

    Ugh yuck… eye contact with my sister? Hells no.

  9. TheLordofShell says


    at their boobs

  10. molokai00 says

    where do you look when you look away?

  11. asnathan93 says

    My sister ended up slapping me me….fuck u dating coach.

  12. MrNicMachiavelli says

    You can look just above their eyes and they wont be able to tell you aren’t looking directly in them .

  13. BackRowKiss says

    Staring for 10-15 seconds??? Not a chance… I’d have cum in my pants by then!!!

    PS… Your shit… Get a real job!

  14. Elect4Sure says

    right on

  15. was practicing eye contact with my sister, lead to very regretful things..

  16. LosAngelesWriter says

    She is absolutely right, staring is looking without permission, welcome to FASCIST AMERICA where we have no freedom.

  17. KirbyPwnz13 says

    15 seconds? WTF! 3 at most I say nigga

  18. Attila709 says

    this will work if you have a face worth looking at

  19. shaydee40 says

    10 or 15 seconds and you become a stalker . here is the correct sequence hold contact for 4 secs smile and look away then catch her looking and hold her eye contact then repeat if necessary then offer to get her a drink if you can do that you have scored . easy really eyes can speak louder than words

  20. MrGab595 says

    try that with anyone youre talking to it doesnt matters who it is and what youre talking about just do it to become more comfortable while locking eye contact and then you will understand more how it works

  21. savagecabage says

    cute girl

  22. practice eye contact with parents?o.o
    Or sister?o.o

  23. 12345obama says

    mamma, I wanna fondle your tits

  24. Birds4now says

    Ya my crush is better at making eye contact than me but i have pretty blue eyes so its hard not to look 😉

  25. Just stare at them open jawed! =0 lol, lol, and lol.

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