Dating Tips : How to Know If a Crush Likes You Back

A crush likes you back if they touch you excessively, if they always talk about doing things with you and if they introduce you to their friends. Read the verbal and non-verbal cues to find out if someone likes you with help from adating coach in this free video on dating and relationship advice. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. jbizzle091 says

    you get money for that frappuccino bullshit don’t you? too bad it’s not so cut and dry all the time. everything you say tell me that this girl’s into me, but it simply is not true

  2. NastyRuin says

    @TheSoroush23 dont ever tell a woman that u like her it kills the attraction plus you want to be a challenge and have her thinking about you. You show her by ur actions plus she already knows u like by how you interact with her and my guess is she can tell that your too scared to do anything about it. Take her number and call or text the next day inviting her to JOIN you for a drink but not a dinner date and keep escalating things…

  3. laxm0nkey says

    @HuzkyOwnz of course she likes u, or shes a prostitute either one so take a guess, its 50-50

  4. laxm0nkey says

    @ThisIsRickyGervais not at all

  5. laxm0nkey says

    @TheItgirl457 saying u just want to be friend is the worst way to get told off, there really is not an easy way to do that stuff

  6. laxm0nkey says

    @nalgaface123456789 hell yea to that im 12 XD

  7. laxm0nkey says

    @RoandVal im same age and all that shit. just keep being yourself and if he likes you and u like him back but he wont tell u, idk i did the same thing to a girl that i just wanted to be nice to cus she liked me but i didnt like her the same way so that may be it but dont try and bitch on his girlfriend that may make him hate u

  8. laxm0nkey says

    i got rejected yesterday and her friend went “YOU MEAN BITCH OF A FUCK!”

  9. garycheung24 says

    @XtrGaming get use to being rejected 😀 there’s plenty more, not just from dates!

  10. lukesapwnd says

    im 10 and i really like her but im not sure if she lykes me she comes up close to me all the time

  11. TheSoroush23 says

    there is this girl i like i think she likes me back but i dont know how to tell her that i like her, she is jus like me a few days ago she talked to me but i couldn’t say it to her i think she was waitin for me to tell her that i like her but i couldn’t so now when she sees me she doesn’t smile any more. can anybody help me how i could tell her that i like her in a not so obvious way but so that she would get it

  12. Hardeen31 says

    So whats it mean when you rub her back every time you see her and she never pulls away, I mean she stays close?

  13. LesleyLiriano says

    @RoandVal okay sweety listen i knw wat ur goin through to cuz im 14 n dat had happend to me but dis is wat i can tell u jus dnt be shy n be dah bigga prson go up to him n ask him lik dis hey i hear people saying dat u lik me n i jus want to knw if its true or not cuz i lik u 2 n if he sas no den dnt cry okay cuz ders much otha guys in dah whole wide wrld okay 🙂

  14. RoandVal says

    Im only 12 and im in middle school..I really love this guy and he likes me back but he wont tell me..he tells other people that he likes me and they tell me. but i want him to tell me it on my face but he just wont do it..he has a girlfriend right now and he knows i love him and he knows he loves me back.Someone please talk to me and help me please

  15. Sudrabsyp says

    @XtrGaming Hey XTR mate, i`m at the same situation, i really like this girl.. I mean seriosuly.
    Look for other videos if your crush is doing what those videos tell, you might have a chance there champ…
    I`m 14 too, good luck 🙂

  16. gamecubeable says

    @XtrGaming same problem for me bu i am just immune to fear(that is wut i am known 4 saying at school) so i just am trying to find the right moment

  17. stupendus1234 says

    What does it mean if someone has a dream about you?

  18. frigno221 says

    @nalgaface123456789 kk thnx 🙂

  19. nalgaface123456789 says

    do it in private or just tell them that they are immature and that you are doing stuff that they wont do until 4 or 5 years

  20. nalgaface123456789 says

    then dont say anything
    actions speak louder than words
    If you get close to her and do stuff like that and if she doesnt move away or feels like they dont feel right then move on

  21. Charlierosea says

    talk about pointing out the obvious

  22. frigno221 says

    @nalgaface123456789 yeah i could do that but how will other people that like her feel if i do that?

  23. Charlierosea says

    stick it in her mouth, she talks enough shit

  24. MillenniumEarl014 says

    well i have a promise to my crush that in prom. i will asked her to go dance with me, but, next year im going to transfer in other school. so that’s how my love story ends. honestly i didn’t have a chance to confess.

  25. Sandring44 says

    that sucked

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