Dating Tips : How to Attract Girls

To attract girls, live an active life, set and achieve goals, and learn to see yourself as an attractive person. Practice good hygiene and build self-confidence with instructions from adating coach in this free video on dating and relationship advice. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. demonking653 says

    But,Some women are all Shallow.Urgh i’m trapped in this circle wich i think they all care about is looks.Are t hey’re girl that look at the personality or is this just a bedtime story?

  2. HPFalken says

    She should buy some new clothes..

  3. @TheSoroush23 Smile, be friendly, & talk to her as you would to a friend. If you get tense or nervous or put pressure on her, you will create the wrong vibe. Talk to her a few times without asking for her number or saying stuff like “I think you’re attractive.” If there is chemistry, you will be able to tell because she will warm up and get chatty. Then ask her to join you for lunch or coffee during the daytime. Listen carefully to her and respond with questions and your own experiences.

  4. naani172317 says

    love 2 hear that ……

  5. Arickhal says

    Jessica Clare would get it!

  6. RobeonMew says

    The best way to attract women is to have a Chocolate penis that ejaculates money

  7. TheSoroush23 says

    there is this girl i like i think she likes me back but i dont know how to tell her that i like her, she is jus like me a few days ago she talked to me but i couldn’t say it to her i think she was waitin for me to tell her that i like her but i couldn’t so now when she sees me she doesn’t smile any more. can anybody help me how i could tell her that i like her in a not so obvious way but so that she would get it

  8. franky1pro1 says

    thank god this video was only 1 minute and 16 seconds long

  9. Charlierosea says

    go to a brothel, trust me!

  10. MrNicMachiavelli says

    @MrNicMachiavelli what about just pulling it out in a bar and whacking? it next to her leg while giving her puppy dog eyes until she notices you?

  11. MrNicMachiavelli says


  12. This woman really knows what she is talking about.

  13. safeway1001 says

    Boring…. tell us 5 min tips to get girls.

  14. mrmonkeymanfreak says

    this shit never works and it gets me pissed!!!

  15. Themoviewatcher96 says

    what if you want to be a man whore??

  16. narutofantasy5 says

    strange and useful tip

  17. Wont work if a dude got a small dick

  18. Halo4e32011XBOX720 says

    Jess I love your swag girl, very professional.

  19. piepotatosandturtles says

    and also works for
    how to get crabs
    how to get aids
    how to get slapped
    how to never been talked to

  20. SuperRebwar says

    how to a attract girls?well show off your penis

  21. Lawless7777 says

    Check out Ross Jefferies

  22. MacBubbles says

    Great advice!

  23. Wow… totally useless.

  24. jessica is hot, i wanna rub one off to her

  25. ahaha rofl thats exactly wot i woz going to write but u got it first well done =D

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