Dating Tips For Transsexuals 1.0

Some tips for MTF transsexuals interested in dating men. This is not based on my own personal experience, as I do not date men myself, but rather on what I have observed of the relationships my transsexual friends have been involved in.


  1. SupportAlexJones says

    @warriorcop1255 LOL! you think just like I do on that haha how funny

  2. DiLancreRoyalty says

    This video was posted right before I met this incredible boy…if only I would have seen it when it came out…Oh well..

  3. duchasheiress says

    lol.. i understand your point, but i’m only allowed 500 characters :)… its just if I were to place myself in their shoes, i think i would feel slightly cheated because if i started to develop a rapport with someone and then they were to tell me something like this,A) I’d be mentally attracted to someone i’m physically not or B) I’d feel my trust was misplaced.. neither is a good thing.. but I understand why you would suggest that 100 % and it’s something I question often myself 🙂

  4. TrannyGirl15 says

    I never suggest to “not tell them”. I suggest to carefully pick the right time to do so.

  5. duchasheiress says

    the problem i have to continually rectify is.. most people don’t know about me when they ask me out..and for you to suggest that transgirls should not tell them… well certainly that makes life a bit easier, but its really underhanded and I cant help but wonder, if a relationship is to follow in spite of this, what type of precedent would this initial pretense set? And i completely agree with those “admirers”… I think its the most difficult part of it all to be desired and not wanted.

  6. rhonda13000 says

    Thank you for this, my sister.

    I never expected it to ever happen to me, but I found a guy who actually loves me for whom that I am and he acknowledges that mine is a birth defect (I did not ask to have my head wired female, friends).

    I am his fiancee, in fact and he is QUITE “straight”, hon.

    I never expected to ever find “love” ever again – and then, there it was…

    Life just blows your mind, hon.

  7. sexysingle22 says

    i love this advice! very very logical. and helpful!! POWER TO TRANSSEXUALS!

  8. theolympiclifter says

    i use to not like trannies but when i met one an she started making out with me i messed all over myself then i started to like them after that

  9. milesdux says

    I agree with you there warriorcop1255. A true relationship is two people who are best friends and able to share everything. It should not be based upon the “body parts”!

  10. SoCyurious says

    great vid & tips, i look like a girl but imma boi i am not transitioning or anything but “straight” guys always hit on me, i dont tell them imma girl tho they always know imma boi lol

  11. konark19 says

    jun 7 lol ur totally wrong, imaHO , BELIEVE IT OR NOT , my best friend is a straight man he had loads of girl friends he is really straight, but now he is with a transsexual girl who had her operation , just coz she is more loyal and attractive than so called real girls he dated who were mostly sluts so think before u spk with ur ignorant brain , u pplz r stupid

  12. dakotaleedakotalee says

    I would have to disagree. I.m a gay man and would never be attracted to a trans-woman–not that I judge, I just like masculinity. I knew two different men who were straight that occasionally dated trans–not because they were hiding this, because they didn’t hide this. But neither was interested in men, gay or straight. So, good luck, but having sex without telling him first is no way to start any kind of relationship! You must tell him first.

  13. LOLFanme says

    Great job. Very classy & done in good taste. Thank You.

  14. warriorcop1255 says

    I do not think that a man who is drawn to a Transgendered woman is a Homosexual. I tend to think they are drawn to her because of her devotion to feminiinity. I think if you are dating a TG woman for “body parts” then you might be a closet Homosexual. But if you truly appreciate her for the woman she is, then I do not think that would make you gay in the least. Nor do I think it is “play acting”

  15. gabuta314 says

    This is an intelligent video. Nice work.

  16. TrannyGirl15 says

    Clearly homosexual huh? And why is that?

  17. Play acting can be very dangerous. Any man who goes with a transsexual is not straight, they are clearly homosexual. By lying to someone about your true sex is so wrong. It could lead you into a very seriously dangerous situation.
    Your living a long battle.

  18. TrannyGirl15 says

    Definitely meet in person, but there is no such thing as “love at first sight”.

  19. Starlightbeauty1225 says

    Hey Trannygirl15, this blog helped me very much because I’ve been going on this website looking for guys who would be interested in girls like me, but it seems like they’re just sexual, so do you think the best way to meet a guy who can love you for you is to meet them in person? I can guess I can say love at first sight? ^_- I would really love more of your insight on these type of issues, they’re very helpful, thanks! ^_-

  20. TrannyGirl15 says

    Let’s be honest with ourselves here. I think it’s pretty easy to tell the gender of 95%+ of the population.

  21. irishchristian777 says

    ok honestly I want to know what some of you feel is “passible” I mean their are anatomic women who look like men. I think that the push for people to look over feminine is kind of silly because not all women are really feminine. Therefore, if you dont look like the goddess Venis or a Victorian Lady that does not mean you are not a woman

  22. musicmagelynn says

    I’m only at 2:50, but I already feel the need to thank you for posting this. 😀

  23. TrannyGirl15 says

    Most transsexuals I know dress fairly discrete in their day to day life. Perhaps you’re thinking of drag queens.

  24. madzyboi88 says

    the biggest give away for a MTF Transexual is their style of dressing… They dress overly feminine and wear fake pearls and diamonds… They just try too hard to be a woman… They forget that they are already a woman… *sigh* I recommend subscribing to Vogue and acquiring the straight girl dress sense.

  25. TrannyGirl15 says

    That depends how I feel about the guy 😛

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