Dating tips for small boobs girl plz?

I wish to have your super tips as how to fascinate and absorb my bf’s attention while dating because i am very depressed due to my very small boobs which are as bigger as of a 10-11 years girl while i am healthy girl of 24 years.He often makes fun of me and sometimes ignores or prefers to only wipe his dick at last…i am desperate plz reply.


  1. shit ur sad

  2. crackolette1 says

    if you got a booty, flaunt it.

  3. monkeydamour says

    He makes fun of you? Sounds like a wad. You can do better; don’t settle.

  4. Scooter trasH says

    get a new f u c k i n g boyfriend that isn’t a douchebag.

  5. Wonder bra? But he’ll proably notice. Implants would please him lmao

  6. Don’t be depressed over a part of your body. People are made in all different shapes and sizes, and if he had a huge problem with it, he probably wouldn’t be with you right now afterall, right? If he jokes about your chest, tell him part of him (haha) isn’t very big either. That should quiet him.

  7. your bf should accept who you are….next time he makes fun of you slap him. be happy with what you got and if hes not he can go f*ck himself…

  8. your boyfriend sounds like a jerk.
    he should not be criticizing any part of your body, he should be making you feel good about yourself.
    sometimes they just need to keep their big mouths closed and appreciate what they have.
    find somebody who loves you and your small boobs. 🙂

  9. Small tits are a fetish for some males…. hey you can buy them bigger and sometimes they do grow bigger. u need a MAN who worships the way you were created and encourages you to be proud of your gift of not having to worry about back pain later in life!!! LMAO not making fun of you. I’ve found the sensitivity and nipples of smaller tits to be most appealing during love making

  10. you shouldn’t feel uncomfrotable and want to change.
    you should learn to love your body, most chicks with big boobs are fake and having really trashy personalities.
    also it’s a proven fact guys prefer buts over breasts.
    he’s obviously got some growing up to do… and you should go out and find someone who can love you for you and accept you for yourself.
    if not you could end up very hurt in the end.

  11. In a market many types of BRA is available. You have to try one of this.That is called spunch BRA’S
    If u will wear this yours boobs is automatically looks heavy. Otherwise you can try mustart oil champing, its realy work.
    If this one not suits u then you can lick ur boobs from anyone of ur boyfrnd, its also works.

  12. “…or prefers to only wipe his dick at last…”

    I’m sorry. What?

    Please don’t speak this language until you’ve mastered it.

    Also, to Chelsea: Proven fact? I, for one, do not prefer “buts” over breasts. Thus, it is clear your ‘proven facts’ are ill-founded, and probably your own opinions.

  13. Don’t worry that your breasts are the average “size 10-11 years old” as you put it – that just makes you more fascinating, when you are really fully mature and sensual and all that. Almost like underlines and enhances it all.

    The joking on his part COULD be due to you still being a little awkward about it all… that makes the guy awkward and confused too.

    Everything is possible of course, but I find it hard to believe that anyone would have a girl friend whose breasts he didn’t like. And in a case like yours where you may have had some sincere worries of “oh how is this ever gong to be good enough – everything is set up to make it all feel even more meaningful and precious to you that it certainly is.

    …and to both actually. Because if you look at it impartially, he may have to do a lot more and be a lot more convincing with you, than to and “average size 24 year old” lady… because she may be more relaxed and just think; “Oh, you really think I have nice breasts? I don’t really understand… but I suppose men think that about women’s breasts… and that’ kinda nice..”

    But to you it will be a much more personal and deep relief that your breasts are really expressing all that whatever you would like them to express about you.

    It will be a heaven-opens-its-gates to witness you giving in to those feelings – especially if it was a little more difficult than normal.

    So if that’s not the case – you have a great lacmus-test that you might be dating the wrong guy, I am afraid. That’s up to HIM to prove… but give him a few chances – because the way I explained it, you can probably see that you might be a little harder nut to crack than most others. Not dramatically, because all girls have that little disbelief that “oh, do you reeeally meean that…?” – that is just sweet sincere modesty, making it a pleasure to assure that yes, yes I really mean that – and a true male joy to reap the reward to see that it really means something to you.

    So, don’t be desperate – let him do the work, an see if he passes his manhood test… but be less like western fairytale princesses who just sits in their ivory tower waiting for the suiter to go through the test – and be more like the aborigineese chiefs’ daughters, who sneak out to rig the test a bit to make sure the outcome is the one she wants ;o)

    The true male feeling about these things, is exemplified by this answer. I went through all that many years ago, and it succeeded – so even though I don’t know you, I am sitting in another country, getting up to cross all my thumbs for you to soon get that feeling that it is all perfect or even more than perfect.

    That is how precious and important it is – the only hurdle is how to rid you of that sweet little modesty. Average breasted women have it too I assure you, you just have it a little bit more – but that should also make it that much sweeter you to have it removed ;o)

    You’ll be wonerful! Let him prove if he is the right guy for that – just make sure he has a chance. And if he is, don’t be afraid to show it means something to you. You’ll be a cross-bread between an angel and a goddess ;o)

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