Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Shy? Watch this. The Wing Girls is a weekly dating advice show for guys. Hosts Jet and Star give their opinions and how-to advice about relationships, sex, kissing, dating, and everything every guy wants to know about girls. New episodes every Wednesday.


  1. lol you guys are so cute and funny 🙂

  2. jozybacker12 says

    omg yesterday we had this dance party… me and my friends went and i told the girl i like ‘i like you’ im pretty sure thats was REALLY retarded but im not sure

  3. needles1987 says

    If your palms are sweating, put your hands in your pockets.

  4. cobyourself says

    @lozynoms123 haha epic comment

  5. NintendoSuperFan50 says

    I’m 13 and I just kinda….uum…how do I put this?….found out I can like girls? and none of my friends date, and I’m kinda shy anyway, so I kinda havin trouble with the girl next door (literally) but anyway, thanks for your advice and all!

  6. luey1222 says

    @elizerxoxo what did u say to the shy guy yes or no?

  7. daybreak4491 says

    lol wing man thats new hmmmm i guess i dont need that lol, ive date 1 girl last week and it was good we have a great time i was just.. be urself dont be shy thats all i can say:)good luck

  8. DrQuailMan says

    “We love 10-year-olds” -pedobear & 3:12

    4:13 people wearing robes and gas masks (shy guys from super mario)) are not hot, whatever you say.

    also, thumbs up if the one on the right reminds you of boxxy.

  9. bedllama says

    @JoshRom No, just build your inner game and say fuck being shy. And you go up to her and take a chance. Because you’re that badass to do so.

  10. elizerxoxo says

    A shy guy asked me out

  11. It’s pretty simple, just ask out girls that are uglier than you.

  12. wutang117117 says

    get back in the kitchen

  13. this is bullshit this wingman strategy is bullshit. theres way better strategies just do your research.

  14. BJs4MePlz says

    when i go out iwith my wing girl i look my shittest, so girls think. Hey it cant get any worse… lol

  15. MegaDouble0 says

    Ow my arm hur…. 😀

  16. sunchipsandbacon says

    @hjbit lol

  17. 24/m/CA
    The main thing I learned about women (luckily as a teen), is that a “nice-aggressive” style works best to GET AND KEEP women.

    The “cocky-aggressive” (in-your-face ‘asshole’) & “cocky-passive” (‘mysterious’ guy that smirks at girls, etc.) styles are good to get hook-ups, but not a female partner.

    The “nice-passive” style (the ‘nice-guy’) gets u a bunch of female friends that don’t, and rarely ever will, see u a “bf-material”, & is the WORST style to have, cauz u get neither one. :-X

  18. superguitarlover says

    LOL ow my arm hurt XD

  19. rblandon says

    @Boughty86 yeah, they should c ma doctor: “Snoop Dog” LOL

  20. Boughty86 says

    best adive ever!

  21. i love the chick on the right 😛

  22. Oh my God.

    IT’S BOXXY!!

  23. SabianTamaDrummer says

    @hjbit SAME! WOOOO!!!!


  24. VelvetxRevolverx says

    Well I was gonna subscribe until you guys called me a bitch!

  25. buzzkiller98 says

    @hjbit you go do that you mutha fuka

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