Dating Tips for Men : Why Women Reject Men

Women oftentimes reject men because they aren’t attentive enough, they make them feel unimportant or they never do any planning. Avoid rejection from a woman withtips from a professional dating coach in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. joshuadiesel says

    i think that the woman actor was horrified because the old perv showed his dick

  2. @musikdog Maybe you’ve talked a little bit before a first date or maybe you haven’t. If you have then go somewhere that you think both of you would be comfortable, like a park, play, art exhibition, bookstore, coffee shop..all good places and all should be fairly comfortable. Quiet enough to converse a little, or at least give you something to talk about afterwards if you choose the play option. And all are fairly public places so you’ll both feel relaxed.

  3. Roboprez3 says

    Or they could reject you cuz your fuck ugly

  4. musikdog says

    I’m in the “i dunno” category…LOL!

    So i need some ideas on where to take her on a first date…please help!?!

  5. LowLowSpinners says

    aka grow testicles

  6. chaumont20 says

    Who came up with this system. Why do I have to have the proper “game” to be with a women ? Women are not critical thinkers when it comes to men. Women say all men are assholes. No, just the ones you like are assholes.

  7. hulk90000 says

    jessica go away.

  8. hulk90000 says

    jessica go away

  9. ChesterS13 says

    IMO I play the part of being the bad boy. I dress like one, have tattoos, etc. etc. I havent changed in who I am. Now, When I say play the part, I mean be respectful and caring, but have a life of your own, be mean yet playful, be spontaneous, be protective, be mysterious, be active. I’m a nice guy but not a fucking wuss. Theres a fine line between that so step on the line every once in a blue moon but get back on the bad side. So in short BE A MAN,

  10. NattHrafn says

    I’m here by signing out of the discussion simply because. No women don’t necessarely want tall and rich men, secondly no its no need to be a jaw breaker to win a woman over, and third. There are misconceptions about the “bad boy” and the asshole. Badboys are just fun to be around, they tease women, they can have provokative opnions, and they can also say “mean” things to a girl without directly hurting her. In general, women don’t want a pussy. they already got one. I rest my case.

  11. hulk90000 says

    @NattHrafn then theres the good badboys the ones who dont look for trouble and have a good heart and who are quiet and keep to themselves. but when trouble finds them mister evil gets a beatdown. always remember you could be sitting next to a guy who is or isnt that big, completely unassuming, and could break your jaw, wreck you into a million pieces in 10 seconds when provoked. thats the kind of guy a woman wants.

  12. aussiepicnic says

    Women are such princesses! They don’t want attention. They want attention. They ‘need’ to feel special, unlike blokes, who are quite happy feeling like an idiot. They want their own way, but they don’t want to be asked what they want. Men, listen up – you have to read their minds and tread carefully through the middle ground. Geez…

  13. cocornejo95 says

    hello i have a problem, please help!
    my friend (girl) likes this guy they go to the same school but she is too shy to talk with him. how can i help her to talk with him. i don’t? know this guy and i don’t go to the same school as they do

  14. IntellectualConcepts says

    women want a guy who is rich and tall…

    then they wonder why they “only seem to date assholes”…

    women can be such idiots…

  15. gaelgeseomra says

    They dont want the nice guy,they want the bad boy get them fuck them and get the hell outa there.

  16. @NattHrafn exactly… i think this is why our fathers didnt give women the choice in the so shit could actually get done.. cause the way were going. a 3yr marraige will be like our 40yr one

  17. NattHrafn says

    And one more year down the road she craves the badboy again, and end up cheating on him because the good bf isn’t entertaining or thrilling enough haha.

  18. delpha3110 says

    jessica are you angry,it helps not to crack him when he takes you out and eyeing up other men doesnt help.jessy sometimes men like to ask women where they ;like to go,one they fund out aboit previous lovers and what they done and if there a threat,secondly no one wants to take you where you dont to go .got it.smell the bull.but really your rather angry arent you whats up setting you ,jessy need a cuddle!

  19. @NattHrafn no, i agree with you, im just saying thats why women suck at dating. because these qualities of a “badboy” r the same ones they hate about him 2yrs down the road… “he flirts, hes always gone, girls want him and he doesnt shoo them away..i wish i had a guy that stayed away from other girls like that, and showed more affection to me” and shes saying this to the friend that spends 11hrs a day with her cause he loves her… its fucking she could get with him and b happy.

  20. NattHrafn says

    They complain about the badboys to the wussies. And Don’t get me wrong when i say badboy. It’s more about how the “badboy” hit her emotional hotspots. I’m not saying go beat up, abuse women or be chaotic evil. But girls return to a badboy in much more cases than she does with a nice guy. Look up david DeAngelo, carlos xuma or Nico Simon princely. Are they jerks? no. But they are badboys. Badboy vs evil is not the same. does a badboy lie? no. He just know how to keep the gals interested.

  21. @NattHrafn but u r changing… your basically lying to her if your not like that. often the best guys r NOT selfish, they are shy, they are caring, and thats what women SAY they want. Telling a guy like this to be selfish is the same as telling them to lie to the women. And the fact is, women dont want a badboy, thats why they complain about crappy b/fs all the time, the problem is, when their single, all they care about is looks, and “badboys” then reality sets in and they break up.

  22. NattHrafn says

    Female dating coaches are useless, because women dont even know what they want. What women SAY and what they RESPOND to is two different things.

  23. NattHrafn says

    And about the “huge douchebag” comment. No I’m not saying that you should be a complete douchebag. women want a NICE guy “not a nice guy” A badboy isn’t always mean with women, he loves women but knows how to attract em. Women crave badboys because the “nice guy” is often a wussie.

    All I am saying is: Be a leader, being “selfish” isn’t selfish to a woman. It’s being a leader, a real man guides the woman. He knows where to take her. Not changing for a woman isnt being a jerk.

  24. no women want looks.. thats the new cash. back in the 80s early 90s women wanted cash because its what they couldnt have, now that they can, they found something else. looks, they want a great guy with great looks, and sad to say, its impossible, because with great looks comes great douchebaggery.

  25. Women suck at dating, lol. women say they want a smart, funny, caring man with good parental skills. then, the second they r single they only care about the mans looks and pocket book well it doesnt work that way.
    because attractive men, dont care about the relationship, they get oogled all day, so they know if it goes sour, they can get another one anytime. Until women realize this they will fail at relationships. want a good guy? find a nerd, overweight, or shy guy, if not, its ur fault

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