Dating Tips for Men : When to Put an Arm Around a Date

When a man attempts to put an arm around his date, he should do so in an obvious way so that both people know what his intentions are. Use cold weather as an excuse to put an arm around a date withtips from a professional dating coach in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. JeffSims009 says

    A professional dating coach? People will pay for anything…

  2. @Jerseymaan10 u just made a mistake u learn from…me and everyone else did…keep on tryin

  3. L0N3FuzZyW0LF says

    just go for it thats what i did last night!

  4. zacatetas says

    @Jerseymaan10 lol

  5. @LowLowSpinners
    I think you have the wrong perspective here because i used to have that same feeling.
    You shouldn’t feel like meeting and being with a woman is an obligation, like you NEED to go through that stupid process of dates, first kiss, level by level breaking the intimacy barrier. you don’t need to do that like following some stupid instructions textbook, but it’s just that you are gonna have a hell of a time trying to find a woman that is willing to skip that. .

  6. @Jerseymaan10 dude same thing kinda happend to me last night i was with sum friends and me and this chick were sitting close and she was like it’s cold and i was like ill shut the window so i did. i feel retarded…but later i had my arm around her kinda layn with her.. i still feel dumb for not doing sometin haha.

  7. ToxicWastoid says

    Aka kino escalation. OK she said it in this clip…nice one Jessy Claire.

  8. 888wicked888 says

    When To Put An Arm Around A Date? Does Putting Her In A Head Lock Count?

  9. SeanMacCloud says

    Get your “game info” from men not dames. Word to the wise.

  10. Nightavenger2 says

    @LosAngelesWriter So you want her to make first contact?

  11. rudinator2112 says

    good one

  12. australian19 says

    0:57… did the guy choked the woman with his arms?

  13. LowLowSpinners says

    damn thats some deep shit..

    it would be soo much easier if we could just buy woman in a store, no dating, no wasting money etc.. etc..

  14. adagjlzhepr says

    i really think all of u ppl need to stop hatin cuz if u r so good why r u watchin dating advice videos hmm?

  15. LosAngelesWriter says

    If you’re an asshole, drug user, cheater, jerk, bad boy, you put your arm around her, your hand on her ass, or anywhere you want at anytime.

    If you’re a normal guy, do not touch her because she can have you arrested. let her touch you first, hopefully in front of witnesses.

  16. freakedout93 says

    @HLGSuperficial wtf are you talking about?

  17. freakedout93 says

    @threetoedhobbit hahaha

  18. freakedout93 says

    @Jerseymaan10 DAMN.

  19. freakedout93 says

    @spinemelter2000 go kill yourself

  20. grassvalleystudios says

    The man speaks truth! =o

    I have done this magic and amazing results followed!

  21. 2ChromeColts says

    but then you will have a greasy penis….

  22. o0subzero0o says

    Why do I think you’ve done that ?

  23. RoyalThePrince says

    @JigginLikeAFool Your a genius LMFAO.

  24. MeSmashThings14 says

    XD lmao

  25. Lburna009 says

    When to put your arm around a woman? How bout when common sense kicks in

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