Dating Tips for Men : How to Get Women to Approach You in a Bar

Getting women to approach you in a bar is done by giving them sincere compliments. Avoid playing the shy card to get a woman’s attention withtips from a professional dating coach in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. 32ndegree says

    This bitch is a complete fuckup.

  2. xXxalibabaxXx says

    ah yes very good ya big whore

  3. 1968DodgePolara says

    dam these videos are very contradicting they tell you too do this and another vid they tell you not to do it LOL Just be yourself .

  4. That is soo true, I did that once at a club and it worked.

    I gotr the girl like an hr later , and we had a great time

  5. boosomentity says

    blokes if you wanna get a woman its simple convert your soul to toilet paper when your done wiping flush it down the drain, alternatively you can just be happy your not at the mercy of some psychotic sucubus. realise that you as yourself hold no importance to a woman and that only what you accumulate have any real appeal to the vicarious egotism that lies at the root of womanhood. there are women who do not fall foul of their nature but chances are slim that you’ll find em iv only ever met one.

  6. @Ninjalada rofl that comment made my day. I know its old but thats awesome.

  7. farhannius says

    women are so clueless. Just be confident in yourself. Ask yourself this: why would any girl want to be with me? You have to believe that you are worth being with. Self worth. It basically all boils down to one simple truth. Confidence. Luckily, confidence can be learned, it isn’t based on genetic make up, it is a skill that is learned. So go out there and learn it fellas.

  8. well i didnt learn much from that! looks like another lonely wank for me….

    Damn it!

  9. MrKMAnZee says

    aussie chks dont respond well to a bloke playin the nice card.

  10. 24yotenor says

    yeah right! haha! BS

  11. yubarraboo says

    I wear my wizard hat, it works eery time!

  12. OneRing19 says

    @djcutetyrone dude 195 lbs is nothing

  13. OneRing19 says

    dude 250 lbs is fuck all

  14. djcutetyrone says

    girl loves guys who take cares of them selves… so work out…. diet dont work… I was 5’6 195 after highschool…. and I work out play tennis and basketball …. and thats it till now im 150lbs….

  15. I’m 250 lbs. at 5ft.5in. So what good looking lady is gonna give me the time of day? Only if i win the lotto. Yes i know lose the weight and ill look more confident. Not so easy to do at 55 and ill still wont be 5’7 or 8

  16. Kaspergaling says

    @Rollman1, most likely in a 3rd world.

  17. @Kaspergaling Like what country are you talking about? I can understand in a third world country

  18. Rollman1 says

    @MigllaKill I agree but what number 3 ?

  19. UniteForgetLeftRight says

    expert village is full of crap in general

  20. UniteForgetLeftRight says

    yeah it sounds like bullshit to me

  21. MigllaKill says

    i dont think this shit will work, imma try it though. i think 1 of 3 things will happen if you try this: 1. she thinks your a stalker 2. you get your ass kicked by her boyfriend 3. X

  22. Raspout1981 says

    Ill try that next time, and ill do it with 20 wemens, we will see if this trick works. If it does, they will think i am a chick magnet since many wemens come to talk to me and they will want me even more. hahaha

  23. Raspout1981 says

    ….if you think something can work 100% of the time you got a problem…

  24. jonatimc says

    wait, she says “I guarantee, most of the time the woman will come and find you later” lol thats a contradiction..some professional why not say I guaranteed ALL the time the woman will come find you..who pays her for your your money..

  25. 6VampireHeart6 says

    oh phew! just in time i was about to run around looking for “potential mates” lol. It’s not necessary to lie, all you need is confidence, an ability to demonstrate higher value, and the intuitiveness (my concussion is makin this hard) to spot a “shit test”. Just build up some comfort afterwards and when she starts givin signals playfully escalate, but remain aloof. I think a smart girl is a good idea though

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