Dating Tips for Men : First Date Conversations

On a first date, the best way to keep conversations going is by asking questions, because there will clearly be a lot to talk about. Ask questions related to the prior topic on first dates withtips from a professional dating coach in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. ButtErBaLL619 says

    @soteloco lmao a perfect guide …

  2. SAnara007 says

    u need a doctor … u dont need to plan for a date .. coach???? it can only happen in US

  3. LTinvasion says

    ask questions?… “what questions” is what bothers me..

  4. ayoub380 says

    stupid all the videos were made at the same time

  5. ayoub380 says

    stupid all the videos were made at the same time

  6. RandomDirectors says

    lmao she never changes her clothes
    dirty bitch

  7. ohhowsplendid says

    does this lady ever change her clothes??!!gosh!

  8. lervinox says

    Arkadys tips or much more better

  9. willtheman69 says

    I agree Bro, and If she Is a dating coach, she probably sucks dick just as bad as her advice.

  10. nah

  11. abusufyane says

    this girl gives really bad dating tips. Or course a conversation is Q&A. I hope she sucks some dick

  12. BuddhaBoyVideos says

    That’s not helpful. We want to know how we can release our inner “stud”

  13. brosauce69 says

    cool advice bro

  14. SD1Chargers says

    Pauses in the conversation are good…it allows you to review, reset and re-engage….filler chat just to avoid quiet time is MORE akward than the pause itself.

    So…it’s ok to be quiet for a few seconds…it will all pick back up again NATURALLY as it should….not forced.

  15. a2the2great2 says

    does she swallow HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. a2the2great2 says

    soteloco i was bored n lookd at this 4 laugh n u made my day HAHAHAAH u slick fucker i loved that

  17. Angrynudfo says

    whoa! youre so fucking funny. Did you go to college for that?! oh my god BAHAHAHAhahahhfahhfhdshagldjfg; you have to teach me! no really please teach me to be funny. Youre so good at it. Oh my god! Fuck yeah!

  18. soteloco says

    hmm interesting and simple
    where are you from???
    what is the color of the panties you are wearing?
    do you swallow??
    what was that? you think im an asshole??
    can i call your sister then???
    can i have her phone number??
    does she swallow???

    Very interesting questions

  19. 92benno92 says

    So many dudes in these comments have lost faith in women more specifically dating.

    .. No exception.

  20. twatonastick999 says

    sorry but that didnt help me at all

  21. there’s always a golden rule that says never listen to women on advice to flirt it’s almost a law like gravity. Women don’t think like us, and will not express themselves in a way we all can understand. Like when a girl says, i like shy boys, but she’s really saying i like boys with a mistery.

  22. Newton8919 says

    not very helpful.
    kinda boring…

  23. DaManSniper says

    LOl i dont have a wallet but i have bank card whit lots off money lol

  24. Wolfgang713 says

    so where you from?…. what is this an interview? i guess you gotta work with what you get. so when she tells you her home town (if its a small place or a place you never heard of) say next “are there dirt roads and lots of tractors everywhere?” bust her balls.

    give flirting tips not interview tips.

  25. happy0100 says

    show her your big…. uhh

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