Dating Tips for Men : Cute Ways to Say Goodnight

A cute and easy way to say goodnight is to wish another person happiness, or to say “sweet dreams.” Avoid being abrupt when saying goodnight withtips from a professional dating coach in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. how about good night and see u later in my dreams…haha

  2. LosAngelesWriter says


    Dayum that’s cold, but funny (if youre joking)

  3. jonbench33 says

    chloroform what’s this the new fucking date rape thing you assholes kill me with these bullshit i think jessica is really nice an to the point

  4. FLAREflare14 says

    i has a question, what if i were to tell the girl ,”i wont tell you good bye because will end up saying you again, see yah tommorrow”( or any other day or w/e you nget what i meen right)

  5. xiinFeRnOx says

    Grabbing her ass and asking her if she likes it is my typical method. Works like a charm fellas.

  6. no way

  7. @ohhowsplendid lol haha

  8. LosAngelesWriter says

    Tell a woman you’ll dreaming of them? Sweet dreams? Kiss on the cheek? This is all VERY GAY.

    Why don;t you stick a man’s dick up your ass and tell her, “I’m homo.”

  9. LosAngelesWriter says

    Just lean and kiss her, if you try to be “cute,” then you might as well call yourself a “homosexual.”

  10. ohhowsplendid says you.
    boy:goodnight..well actually we don’t really have to say goodnight because when i go to sleep im gonna be seeing you in my dreams anyway..

  11. TheFirstNeuron says

    “Does this smell like Chloroform to you?”

  12. you just pucker up and then say “hey where’s my kiss goodnight? I’m cute I think I deserve it.” LOL works every time.

  13. ItHappens117 says


  14. EliteDoomer says

    What about busting on their face and then leaving? I thought that was the cutest way…

  15. the cutest place you can kiss a guy is on his penis c:

  16. maicolloco69 says

    goodnight ,,,,well i dont think i’ll be sleeping tonight,,,,,,and she sais why,,,,,
    ,,,,cause i’ll be thinking of you,,,,,,
    ,,,,,,always gettim with that one hahaha

  17. SD1Chargers says

    Goodnight gorgeous

  18. :D:D:D:D

    hilarious,man,i laughed my ass off^^

  19. YouCantBeatTheTroll says

    Are you serious? Did you not pass highschool spelling?

  20. ShottaSparX says

    is she serious?????? is this realy a topic????? cute ways to say good night???? dam woman are more desperate for a man than i thought . when did a ppl stop saying the simple good night i mean do u realy think i go home and plan to say sweet dreams or ill be thinking of you ? this is so stuped

  21. The cutest way to say good night is to wish her a good morning as you depart.

  22. saminahmiyaz says

    AHAHAHAH lmao

  23. xxlovehatehiroxx says

    the cutest place you can kiss a girl is on the nose c:

  24. Turnedleaf says

    Sweet dreams ? I ll miss you until next time?

    What dream world is this ? Your gonna get labled as a pussy if you say that. For the love of god dont say that … ever

    Why do you have to trade your balls in to say goodbye ? Tell her a compliment about her amazing laugh at the comedy club, or how you appreciate _____ about her personality / looks / breakfast she just cooked you / something that is important to her.

  25. Danilowned says


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