Dating Tips For Guys To Attract The Women Of Your Dreams

In this video, I talk to my 21 year old powerlifting champ, Andrew Cameron, who recently won the Canadian Junior Powerlifting Championships. What do you think of my girl advice? I challenge you to be “less accessible” to girls out there with the hope of meeting a higher quality girl. Here is your motto: “Focus on becoming the right person, not finding the right person.” Talk soon Vince Del Monte PS leave your comments and pass this video onto your friends who are in unhealthy relationships with the wrong kind of girl. Hopefully this helps you and your friends.


  1. G00n3r4Life says

    @BigNeems agreed keep it up vince

  2. Well, first of all Vince, what type of girl are you thinking about attracting with this technique? Once we’ve defined that, then we could get talking.

  3. IEAjumper says

    vince this is so true! no real girl wants some guy who goes around goofing off with every other girl treating them like a little kid does with his toys. I like all your videos, keep up the good work. most of the people that have made negative comments are wanting to defend them selves from the truth because they feel like their bad habits have just been exposed.

  4. smarteffort says

    you hit it right on the mark

    3 really great chicks are better than 20 “bitches”

  5. redskins2k says

    Vince, they hate on Kobe, the greatest player right now. So they going to hate on you.

  6. danielleefarmer says

    he’s right….and that’s the reason a lot of good lookin guys who you norally think would be getting the girl of their dreams don’t it’s cuz they spread themselves thin and when a girl asks how many guys have you been with he thinks it’s cool to actually have slept with 100+ girls… but in reality any girl with self respect would walk away in a heartbeat…and most girls who are beautiful take care of their body and have that kind of self-respect you don’t wanna mess with

  7. freqeist says

    love it ..complete crap, thx

  8. TheOneTitan says

    Vince is right on the money, screening the girls works wonders…

  9. “Screening the girls” I like it =)

  10. ElfAzzid says

    HA! You guys are funny.
    Playing hard to get…. yeah, everyone knows guys are just “playing” (pretending) as we’ll shag just about anything that doesn’t pull out a can of mace. hahahahahah!

  11. BigNeems says

    Hey man, ain’t nothing wrong with this video. Don’t get discouraged to talk about this type of stuff just bc a few haters have something to say. Keep it pimpin, thats good advice btw

  12. dannyneedshelp says

    this is great advice i totally agree with you vince

  13. footballkiller33 says

    i agree with the vid and guys hes just giving his opinion which is probly true. its also the right thing to do. sleeping with every girl will get u no where. thanx for all the advice and examples vince delmonte.

  14. @VinceDelMonte hey, i really appreciate and respect your advice… your right. Anything that is hard to attain is admired more so. that is a very POSITIVE message.

  15. klarkratu says

    just joking you “BEAST!!!” lol

  16. klarkratu says

    Vince stick to weight training advice! P.s it’s been 3 hours you better go drink your “whey shake” you wouldn’t want to go into a “catabolic state” or your “cortisol levels” might increase! what bullshit and your advice on “girls” you should write another ebook with bonuses “7MINUTE HOOKUPS” lol I’m so funny…….. wait a minute “EBOOK” coming “7MINUTE LOL”

  17. panpinponponio75 says

    Thanks Vince.. I really enjoy your vids!!!.. Ive already loosen 16 pounds!!! thanks dude!!! …dating tips also appreciated!!

  18. getblitzed says

    this is soo true!!! good job vince !! great videos keep them coming.

  19. FesteringFiesta says

    maybe the people who think this is rubbish should do a video reply with better tips

  20. Secretwow2 says

    Vince…Can you make a video tutorial on how do you prepare your hair ? I need a new haircut for this summer and your’s is the best xD

  21. PTfortune says

    You re the best vince.. keep going .

  22. TheJman808 says

    wdf, he doesnt look like he’s 21, he looks older then that.

  23. elephantal says

    tats da reason i prefer scooby werkstatt’s vids over vince’s vid…

  24. vince im a big fan, if i can just give you some advise, don’t waste your time with losers that subscribe to your channel and act like macho men on line and try and just downplay, you an diss you and even comment on your future wife (congrats btw) heck ppl wil prob call me a kiss up for saying this but like my martial arts master always said the difference between a winner an a loser is mind over matter: I dont mind and they dont matter, plz keep up the good work and i wish you all the best

  25. Hating is the sincerest form of flattery.

    ~wisdom guru, Chris

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