Dating Tips for Guys : How to Talk to Girls

When talking to girls, guys need to remember to listen and ask open-ended questions. Learn how to converse with girls from a dating author by avoiding ‘yes or no’ questions in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. JMB19998 says

    sorry didnt mean to put the ‘I aint a 20 year old’ comment you can remove sorry put 2 comments didnt think it was getting through lol

  2. JMB19998 says

    @DisturbinglyAmazing this is the best girl advice ive ever gotten from you lol my friends say i dont have a chance with this girl but i really like her know what why am i writing this lol but whatever if you have some good advice that isnt stupid 50 year old advice and in your about early 13’s or lower send me it because ummm you know i dont know why just do on and funny comment diffently agree with it lol

  3. JMB19998 says

    @DisturbinglyAmazing nice advice lol i aint 20 lol so i dont know if this advice will help but im gonna watch it if you can give good ”YOUNGE” advice

  4. DogOfWar64 says

    WTF! Jeff dunham

  5. RaulBillieJean says

    @DisturbinglyAmazing hahahahahahahahaa

  6. themajormarco says

    man i got my first girl friend in high school thanks to this guy


    how twice????

  8. lol, extremly random beginning. “Jeff dunham is a vantriquist.”

  9. JBthree24 says

    Hi advice videos aims towards older and divorced couples. “Boomer Girls” means boomer children from the 50’s. His videos actually helped me a lot even at the age of 24…

  10. Quake2815 says

    If you ask a question that is going to get a yes or no answer, you’re doomed. This guy is godlike!

  11. BobMarleyoholicx says

    @DisturbinglyAmazing xD then when you open your mouth “Bitches aint shit” shell walk away or slap you lol

  12. 93alvbjo says

    God didn’t gave me shit, since it cannot be asserted if he exists or not XD

  13. ToaKopaka44 says

    Hmm yes I just listened to it, how does it relate to your statement?

  14. juneride says

    What question should I ask?
    Are there UNIVERSAL QUESTIONS that I can ask any woman? I want to listen, but how can I open her up.
    Who knows??

  15. IShowYouLawAndOrder says


    He doesn’t have a God complex.
    He IS God.

  16. IShowYouLawAndOrder says


    Just listen to this very famous and insightful song from the 1960s by Zager & Evans: In the year 2525.

  17. ToaKopaka44 says

    @IShowYouLawAndOrder You do indeed have a interesting point, there is a chance for multiple reasons that humans may not be here in a thousand years, but hey, why not enjoy what we got for now eh?

  18. Good advice not just for girls, but making friends in general.

  19. TheLocalFUNstation says

    Who is this guy? IDK but he speaks as if he were the lord himself.

  20. timproviso says

    @rodriguezcorp lol I agree hahahaa

  21. rodriguezcorp says

    This old dude must get laid a lot

  22. waystogetyourexback says

    Love your video!!! You are sharing great information!!! By the way dont forget to watch my videos!!!

  23. IShowYouLawAndOrder says

    Women are not important.

    That has been the case throughout history.

    In the end, mankind is going to perish anyway, so what is all this ballyhoo? about dating and mating worth ?

    It’s worth nothing.

    Do you really think, man, as worthless as he is, will still be around in 1000 years ?

    Of course not.

  24. jigariproductions says

    Let me put it this way if you can talk to a cop next time he pulls you over and make a regular conversation with him as humans do…(ask him somthing that you always wanted to know aboutt his job …) not only you might get out of the ticket but you will become an expert at talking to women as well. Practice is a pimp code.

  25. frown151 says

    @giacomo379 well of all of which you say is true, like it depends on the girl for example my girl literally hates poetry and loves like games and just chilling but NOT a gamer girl lol she likes drinking and well ya

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