Dating Tips for Guys : How to Say Sweet Things to Girls

When a guy says sweet things to girls, he should make sure that he doesn’t overdo it. Say sweet things to girls by using subtlety with tips from a dating author in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. 888wicked888 says


    i almost cried of laughter with that comment!!!!

  2. nicholasoccer123 says

    wtf this guy is an aged petifile version of bill clinton.

  3. HotBlueLightning says

    this guy is three sheets to the wind

  4. hehe.. i love this guy.. and that smile he make just before the video ends.. hehe

  5. Tommo1990Vidz says

    its true, bout not overdoing it, but the hints of what u can say, that he gives u, is crap, unless ur trying to get with a 50 yr old princess

  6. LMAO @ “She Doesn’t Know Either” @ 1:42…

  7. stevo2490 says

    DR. PAUL is such a PIMP this guy is just funny to listen too, May your fantasies of today, be your realities of tomorrow!! lmao i’m gnna keep that quote in the back of my head forever lmao GO DR. PAUL!!

  8. lokirox214 says

    this guys is stupid and a pimp so if u guys need any tips on girls from a girls mind p.s i am a girl just send me a message

  9. jackbliss says

    This is jackbliss… may your realities of today ruin your fantasies of tomorrow.

  10. wolfpack676 says

    he definatly comes accross as a pimp 😛

  11. Casarzino says

    you’re wrong, girls nowadays want to bang u if you’re NOT nice to them..

  12. chaseryder says

    i agree

  13. PresidentOfWar says


  14. @ImperatorDerGalaxis you got the wrong bloke then i tell my girlfriend all the time that she has pretty hair she smells nice or she just looks good i bring her flowers home from work every day and i dont do it to get into her pants .. but it is plus haha but not every guy out there is just interested in sex you would be suprised if you opened your eyes

  15. gilroysbest says

    this guy probably bust major nuts on chicks

  16. ImperatorDerGalaxis says

    Seriously though, the sad thing is that most girls buy into this cheap shit, “oh you have such pretty hair,” garbage.
    For some reason, they just want to fuck you after you say it…. I’ll never understand it, I suppose.

  17. ImperatorDerGalaxis says

    Does it just look like it,or does Dr. Paul come ascross as a pimp?

  18. Nice I’m taking this guys advice. Girls here I come. HAHAHA wait…… yeah right.

  19. abdalle1 says

    tru dat

  20. Ok. smile mean check point, smirk mean fail got it good down Dr. I’m on my way to ten girls starting right now age 19.

  21. thatparkourdude says

    Hey, you look like this pornstar i’ve seen before!

    That always works.

  22. desigangster05 says

    i love how he says “may your fantasies of today, be your realities of tommorow”

  23. General0208 says

    he is very funny ….. i see how he can get girls

  24. English PLX

  25. LOL

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