Dating Tips for Guys : How to Not Think When Trying to Get a Girlfriend

In dating, desperation and thinking too much about getting a girlfriend are never helpful, and simply make a man seem needy. Get a girlfriend through a position of strength by not thinking too hard with tips from a dating author in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. gerardross2k9 says

    hes right fate does play a big factor

  2. protege500 says

    what are the other videos for then, if it will just happen when your least expecting it.
    this video is not on par with the others.
    i see a contradiction

  3. MetaDefender76 says

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  4. Don87Pablo says

    which is why ur on it

  5. 1santaeastside3 says

    loooooooosers watching this lol

  6. AtlantiXYL says

    does this work on school??? study harder to get an A. NOT HAPPENING????

  7. fazelover says

    Hellszz yeahhh ma nikga you right thats how it happens it has happened twice already..

  8. u dont need 2 know…focusing on answering that question to early can screw u up, it makes u look needy jus like the vdeo is sayin. dont think about it. jus keep lookin confident around women, get close to them by being a friend to them while being a little flirty, and just watch how they start acting around u. They will like u trust me. just be confident in urself and patient, let the girls think about that question. “Does he like ME”? instead. UR THE MAN HERE! BTHCES AINT SHIT lol

  9. ImperatorDerGalaxis says

    This mothafucka is 100% right.

  10. thatparkourdude says

    No, people who can’t spell douche seem douchey.

  11. General0208 says

    That very true, i really like this girl. I always wish to find her but always fail. One day, i was walking to the bank without any expectations and suddenly i saw her.


  12. He’s right! In fact he’s absolutly right! He gets one hundred percent in my book. In fact, he’s putting people in their places.

    Very nice Job Dr. Paul. Keep up the great work!

    Have a great night, a great day tommorrow, a great night tommorrow, a great week, a great month and a very great autumn! Puerto Rican Love from New York City!

  13. crazybones2009 says

    Santa claus of dating…Dr.Paul…lol

  14. orduni90 says

    this dude’s a pimp! lol

  15. THawkThaKing says

    this is the first comment I’ve EVER read that actually made me LOL holy shit i wasn’t expecting anyone to say that cuz i was thinkin it the whole time!

  16. BreakthroughFilms says

    You’re absolutely fucking right. I gotta stop hangout with people who tell me to do that crap.

  17. bojangles322 says

    he’s buzzin in all of these lol he seems so deucshy

  18. ENUEGAMY says

    you rock dr paul

  19. rellik4life says

    this guy is cooler than the other side of the pillow XD

  20. SuperAsh9000 says


  21. emilyexceptional says

    Can you just please drink the fucking apple juice?

  22. bunsarenicer says

    I bet he drugs woman

  23. DaDragonSlayer1 says

    This is sooooo true that’s how I got a girl friend

  24. Helljumper1206 says

    so dallasabx yur sayin yur gay

  25. Helljumper1206 says

    yes but what i need to know is how do u know if a girl actually likes u not just looking at u or smiling but if a girl actually likes u and no girls think im sexy at my school as far as i know and if they did then yea yur right that would give a guy alot of confidence

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