Dating Tips for Guys : How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Good About Herself

Making a girlfriend feel good about herself is as simple as making her know that you appreciate her. Make your girlfriend feel good about herself and don’t take her for granted with tips from a dating author in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. SkateOrDie452 says

    I like the old way… u know the one where the Bitch make me some food and cleans the kitchen.

  2. TheLongboardingLife says

    i seriously love my girlfriend, thing is i dont think she loves me as much back 🙁 and if i try go in for a kiss sometimes she backs off 🙁 kinda sad im just truna show i love her

  3. clarkiu23 says

    i love my girlfriend so much i hope she knows i do

  4. jeterdude222 says

    He looks like a pedophile….

  5. xXlolordinxX says

    thx dude i have sex whit her thx thx

  6. dfounder says

    haha when he showed up in a bathrobe, that was just plain creepy…

  7. mohamadalikazi says

    good luck lying… i prefer making silly fun of her for that question so she can pout and we can “get it on” after that

  8. JustMe111094 says

    ah, I allmost forgot…
    you dont need any tricks to make a girlfriend,
    you just need to make new friends, and dont watch stupid videos like this…
    at least, everybody should know that somewhere in the world somebody is waiting for him/her

  9. JustMe111094 says

    a girlfriend can come anytime in your life
    all you have to do its to be yourself

  10. Letitmellow says

    @wwechamp7 you need to keep saying ; i love you .
    and spend much time with her .
    thats al my brother trust me 🙂

  11. mcdonaldsdollar100 says

    1 word… PEDAFILE!!!!!!!!!

  12. levitobin says

    Its called biting the curb its a fatal move that was invented by Dr.Pain

  13. MegaCrazyTrain1 says

    lol u guys have bad luck with girls. i was born on saint patricks day and i make out with every girlfreind i have. but realli be urself around ur girlfriend. if its meant to be she would like u for u. nt somebody else.

  14. inspectahdeck00 says

    This isn’t the 50’s…

  15. TheArtfulShow says

    many girls think there boyfriends dont love them and only there body/looks you need to let her no you love her not just her looks.. it might be the problem

  16. WrestlingAndMusic says

    i have damn bad luck i try hug my girlfriend she dont wanna hug and somebody sayd for she i only hug she only for money

  17. TheDjZmiley says

    speak nice man.

  18. TheDjZmiley says

    well im the romantic person and i use this alot on girls… thumbs up for you man

  19. jeffloco4535 says

    stupid ur gay

  20. patstetsonnnnnnn says


  21. dude you said gril… but the same thing happened to me 🙁 WTF 6 days ago too… but im not sure if i should hate her, or him… and should i try to kill him?

  22. the second girl jus broke up with me….

  23. YippieYiYoYo says

    @ oPiZI douche

  24. Triforce36615 says

    Wow, Dr.Paul, my love (the greatest affection I’ve ever had to a gril) has been taken away by my best friend and I just don’t know what to do, though sometimes I think she still may like me back…I don’t know what to do! But Hopefully I can still let her know I still love her…I really like her

  25. gummyrabbit500 says

    that happened to me
    just tell her that you do

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