Dating Tips for Guys : How to Make a Girl Jealous

Oftentimes, men want to make a girl jealous to satisfy their own egos. Make a girl jealous with tips from a dating author, such as looking at other women in her presence, in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. GreyGrimlee says

    U ask alot of ? for an old man

  2. bullsjewells24 says

    she will go down on you like there is no tomorrow LMFAO

  3. FuryEngel says

    WTF?! XD I’m waiting for Femmenazis to storm in!

  4. Mighteemax says

    what kinda juice ya think it is, home brand or up market?

  5. MrJcsalinas123 says

    no if your rich[girlz want money] all the girls wold trow themselves at you..i dont want that im not into sex and all that dity shit… if i find someone i want her to be happy and to love me for who i am……

  6. squishyeggs1 says

    what a pimp

  7. Don87Pablo says

    True say! Iv seen plenty geeks pulling hot girls in their lambo’s

  8. xxxinterludexxx says

    @Don87Pablo to be fair if your rich you dont really need to play it cool lol

  9. Don87Pablo says

    ye bro, im 23 and its so true. All about being cool. And rich if ur lucky 🙂

  10. xxxinterludexxx says

    @Don87Pablo Im only 19! 🙂
    I do know what you mean tho

  11. samsta001 says

    dr. paul you’re a genius

  12. Don87Pablo says

    i fucking love this guy!

  13. Don87Pablo says

    wow! But in this generation unfortunately u have to play cool. Good advice though. 1 week! lucky u

  14. solomonpilot767 says

    how 2 make her jelous thats stupid game,be straight 4 ward don’t lie be a gentl man and,respectful but,be tough.

  15. FutureLaugh says

    how to get your ass kicked by your woman and have her cheat on you- by dr paul

  16. xxxinterludexxx says

    advice from a married woman.. be yourself and quit playing games! if you like them, tell them, if you dont then tell them!
    what is the point of playing cool and making people jealous? stop confusing things.. it only hurts people in the long run..
    My husband and i did this and we were engaged within the week!

  17. remix91742 says

    Mehh, I don’t even care.. all I want sometimes is some time alone, yet I can’t have that without being a dick to this chick.

  18. visionimagify says

    Sounds like you’re in the friends zone, but I maybe wrong. I would cut her off and talk about something else.

  19. remix91742 says

    I’d just only wish they were more direct with any intentions they might have – I mean, for some that are just flat out gorgeous, can be pretty insecure sometimes, which I think is a sad/odd thing – because I don’t like that thing where they do all this weird/awkward crap only to ATTEMPT to ask you out a month later.

    And can’t bring myself to understand why.

  20. kinslayer120 says

    @remix91742 Girls like telling their lifestory when you ask them for simple things. I asked a girl, how do you know my ex and then she started talking her life story..which i diden’t care much for:P

  21. vanillaface335 says

    girls are just like that, annoying huh? but yea almost every girl when she tells a story she divides it into 50 more stories…

  22. silverbeauty101 says

    lol so true…

  23. MyNiceIce says

    omd i have been making the wrong girl jealous

  24. MissCindyB says

    all this how to impress girl things so dont work lol. check out the link on my profile. i think the article on my page is how all you men should treat us lol!!!

  25. someleetguy says

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