Dating Tips for Guys : How to Keep a Girlfriend

In relationships, keeping a girlfriend is all about maintaining energy in that relationship. Keep a girlfriend by mixing things up with tips from a dating author in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. Kingahthecastle says

    lol you can tell this dude has some serious game haha

  2. backatchalol says

    what if its long distance and shes too hot to let go 🙁

  3. well u should make her say it first then u say it

  4. darellrobert010 says

    she probly didnt read it

  5. TheLegendarySpirit says

    i have a question, now anyone can feel free to answer my question whether it’s good, great, excellent, bad, horrible, offensive of any sort, just answer: i sent this girl a ”friend request” and she excepted my request, then i sent a message saying: hey, thanks for the add, and she doesn’t reply back, now i really am interested in this girl i added, seriously, should send another message trying to get to know her better or leave it alone because she didn’t reply the 1st time?

  6. JBthree24 says

    @soarepaul1407 My dad used to say that about “hookups” but when it comes to good girls, my dad used to tell me to give it a try

  7. JBthree24 says

    @wwechamp7 Some girls, and boys for balance sake, need that type of reassurance from their S/O. I used to be that way with my current GF because in the past I was hurt badly so I projected those in the past with her. Talk to her, LISTEN, and tell her…but that is if you really care about ehr and your relationship

  8. clideyurskiYurr says

    i need to get this guy’s book asap!

  9. machboos says

    good for you.. finally some class on youtube

  10. 23CHRISAIR23 says


    lol yea same…i just dont have the guts to go to her and say ” i like u” lol… dang

  11. 23CHRISAIR23 says

    tell ur dad hes a fuking retard….wat a dipshit, who says ” fuk her and dump her”??? ur a douche bag

  12. FadingBlaze says

    holy shit thats funny!

  13. MrGMauler says


  14. wwechamp7 says

    i love my girlfriend sooo much and she thinks i dont and thinks i cheat and stuff =[[[

  15. wwechamp7 says

    =[[[ wish i knew how to do this

  16. soarepaul1407 says

    my dad used to say…fuck her and dump her.

  17. kjamesceltic44 says


  18. 23CHRISAIR23 says

    lol do u mean a stiffy!!!!!!!

  19. ravenshield56 says



    dr paul jus dont patent that line cause a motivational speaker says that too

  21. Rayan9111 says

    it gives me sorta of an idea of what to do
    needs to be longer..

  22. TubErSkillZ says

    go get ice cream when its cold..go for a walk…pretend like you guys just met and hit on her harder that the first time…(that one is fun to do)..

  23. JstKicknBack87 says

    whats something new i can do?

  24. Wow that line was very God like

  25. Thanks Dr. Paul. 🙂

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