Dating Tips for Guys : How to Impress a Girl

The best way for guys to impress girls is by being themselves and asking about a woman’s interests. Impress a girl without the use of money with tips from a dating author in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. AndrosForever says

    damnation I tried all these things and failed miserably

  2. Khaled13yrs says

    @denny826lee HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA !

  3. piperchangisanass says

    Fuck you homo!

  4. foggytimmy says

    wut do you do if a girl says ur really nice and really funny, then u ask them if they like you once they know u like them, then there gone out of nowhere, and you have to wait?

  5. Marine589 says

    I asked a girl out to the carnival i was so close i knew she would say yes but she has Nysma omgg shes pissed off that she cant go

  6. inala1made says

    palooza? REaLLy? palooza? Really?

  7. whitegoldsparten says

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  8. Vegito545 says

    this is a load of bulshit.

  9. JBthree24 says

    @TheWsguy You would be surprised of how a simple thing such as a walk in the park actually could stir up the best romance….

  10. blackiechan110 says


  11. aznjohnny09 says

    Wow I just got laid -.-

  12. TheWsguy says

    a walk in the park?!?!!
    what a radical new idea

  13. juneride says

    This is a man who knows life!!!
    Listen to a woman!!! He is right. Being a good listener is better than beind rich

  14. sTreek90 says

    @enzarto hahahahahaa

  15. waystogetyourexback says

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  17. ordude123 says

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  18. stormtrooper1822 says

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  19. shayne202 says

    guys who have the alpha male look. are guys id probably smash in the pub. that smug love yourself look maybe good for the ladies but beware other males

  20. ordude123 says

    it looks like he thinks im sped

  21. ordude123 says

    holy shit this guy is high -_-

  22. Casarzino says

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  23. aboynamedmass says


  24. whatUwanaB says

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  25. SimenTheDeamon says


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