Dating Tips for Guys : How to Get a Girl to Like You

Getting a girl to like you means having good manners, being sincere and listening attentively. Get a girl to like you with tips on good communication and presentation from a dating author in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. ManofManyPasswords says

    @pcgamesolution Exactly what I was thinking. Girls my age (19)— Good manners? Maybe 2 generations ago…

  2. ethan111888 says

    Xylon and juneride are funny but sorry juneride xylon is right I’m the nice guy basically why this guy described and I have never got a girl to like me but hey still don’t cause Im staying true to how I act( suck it xylon) case I don’t want to be a loser poser.

  3. juneride says

    @Kylehintz87 What you’re describing is a stand-up comedy. You must have rich material, and then you can yse the jokes depending on the situation. That’s how comedians engage the crowd. Very few men can do that.

  4. Kylehintz87 says


    hey man, this is how it worx. jokes and funny stories yes, but they cant come out of the blue. the topic must come up or come close to the topic at hand and then lay out the joke once the topic has came up. then that joke leads to another topic possibly and most of the time it does. and on and on.

  5. and shell say what? haha u dont even know what it is.. and i say what… and shell laugh again because shell think im slow but im really not its just for laughs.then when she says i gotta go now see u later..ill say keep in touch.. but not the nasty way u sicko..then ill see her again and we’ll get closer ( as a friend or serious relationship)then we’ll be close freinds haha what a story

  6. just act wierd in a funny way.i dont tel jokes they make a person looking like hes trying hard.funny stories are good only if u know u have a decent 1 n the girl are having a long conversation.when a hot girl comes by i always keep a pencil in my pocket and accidently drop it righti n front of them.they then pick it up and hand it to me n i say thanks uhhh then they iether say their name or i say thansk uhhh whats ur name? then blah blah melissa . where u going?period 4.i say what a dumb class

  7. juneride says

    @Xy1on Not at all. I asked you interesting questions. You know how to make women laugh, most guys don’t. Can you tell us how you do that? With jokes, funny stories? Where do you get the jokes? You also said you have to act cool. What does it mean? Do you have to speak in a low voice and move your body in a certain way? What does it mean to be cool?

  8. are u insulting me ?

  9. juneride says

    @Kalashnikovkira Tell her that’s exactly what you’re looking for. You want just sex with no commitments. You can also recommend her to your friends as a good lay.
    Unfortunately, however, girls like her can have venerial diseases.

  10. juneride says

    You didn’t say how you make them laugh. Do you make funny faces? do you tell jokes, funny stories? The same stories to all girls? Do you write your own material?

  11. LowLowSpinners says

    ”the lock that is opened by alot of keys is called a shitty lock, but a key that has opened alot of locks is called a masterkey”

    it is how it is

  12. my strategies are making them laugh.. laughing is the best and literally best way to impress a girl.. science has proven that.Um always try to act cool in front of them ..but dont try to hard or else its noticible… and if a hot girl plays around with u like saying eww its blah .. u act cool and just ignore.. trust me i gets the girls..bahaha hehe and one thing if u see the girl u like coming quickly find a girl u know and laugh with her that will make her jelous…. its all true my dudesssssss

  13. NOTSEWEDAW says


  14. muffinmaster491 says

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  15. Bvzijverden says

    Do you have a girlfriend 13guitarman

  16. 13guitarman says

    go fuck your moms fucking cock!! dick face you dont have a life

  17. juneride says

    He stresses the importance of active listening.
    But in order to start listening, you have to get her TALKING. How can a guy open a woman up. How can he keep her going?

  18. juneride says

    Why would anyone go to a sex rehab?
    If a guy has a strong libido, he can just fuck all the women. Why would he want to supress it?
    If a woman has a strong libido and fucks all the guys, then she is a SLUT and she can not change it. The title “SLUT” is for life.

  19. solomonpilot767 says

    well,thats kind of true but,if a women want s 2 cheat,they will cheat u can’t stop them,just get the right one.

  20. pcgamesolution says

    man,change the last part of the title into “How to Get a Woman to Like You”. this don`t work with young girls…

  21. wethepeople1221 says

    amen to that

  22. warning if you have a girlfriend and she hangs around her friends alot.Make sure she stays away from them as much as possible 1 reason why is because girls like to talk about guys and if her friends like you they try to make the girl hate you they talk smack around her about you and girls accually dont like their boyfriends because their losing popularity -.- i know sux (some girls only) or could be all it is womans insticnt 0.0

  23. snowbray says

    notice how this guy has a ring on his left ring finger and pinky? fuckin guy is a homo! he has no idea what he’s talking about!

  24. rcdude747 says

    @tycad455 haha me too im workin out

  25. 13guitarman says

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