Dating Tips for Guys : How to Attract Girls or Guys

The best way to attract girls or guys is to use eye contact and smile. Attract girls or guys with body language tips to get their attention from a dating author in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. jeprox1465 says

    Humans can talk but dogs sniff others butt.

  2. moyerj11 says

    Dr. Paul is a beast. just look at him. how can you say that he isn’t a beast.

  3. sTreek90 says

    @aidan2k601 OMG DUDE IM CRYING LMAO!!!!

  4. 10ManCity10 says

    Hi, my name is Dr. Paul and I’m on youtube.

  5. SomebodyElseUser says

    i find it extremely funny when in some of his videos he say “a BOOMER womans guide”
    i just roll off my chair laughin!!!!!!!!!

  6. longestnameuwillsee1 says

    i have a whistle that attracts women

  7. darkhunterGPX says

    WHOLY FUCK THIS GUYS A PIMP everything he said i go to get all the girls and they Work…OMG Kodus To You Dr.Paul!

  8. MrGMauler says


  9. animal do have a signal to each other too. it is randomly call mating season sign.

  10. ilikeyoutub07 says

    He is such a pimp

  11. You what I wonder to? Its so funny. He has the glass of wine in his all videos.

  12. konman001 says

    Dating has gone to the dogs!

    Hmmm . . . but women do say that “men are dogs” so there still might be a chance for me *-)

  13. jackuy12345 says

    that beer is useless

  14. KiNgOfKaRaBiNeR says

    you own !!

  15. frost310 says

    does he ever drink out of that fuckin’ glass????!!!!!

  16. brkdaice says

    Dr Paul gets all the bitches!

  17. JayJay9774333174 says

    puppy love.

  18. prettyknight9285 says

    haha , this guy is teaching men how to act like dogs : stick your tongue out look into the eyes smile and then hump her leg like a horny dog. weak game

  19. Mgheewala says

    Cause we evolved, dofus!
    Lol, nobody says dofus. Strange word.

    Anyways, I just mean our cells and stuff are the same. We’re mainly different because of choice.


    Ah, but how is that we think and do so much more, wise and unwise? I know you’ld probably say, “‘Cause we evolved, dofus!” But if this is true, why are our “fellow” animals not as smart as we are? Of course you must then remember our level of greater stupidity than them. Great Danes never think about wiping out chiwawas, yet we have Hitler, Lenin, and Stalin who hated the Jews. (Jews were alaways better, anyways.)
    The difference between us and animals is choice, creativity, and stupidity.

  21. Mgheewala says

    um. Yes we are. Theres plants and animals. We are not plants. We are animals. Human isn’t another category…

  22. MrBigwhiteballs says

    haha bet that voice does half the work for him!

  23. RumikoXP says

    Hi my name is Dr. Paul. haha


    Hey! We are not animals! Just because some people act like idiots, that doesn’t mean their animals! The doc must be an evolutionist.

  25. kanyis19 says

    yeah, but what is your problem?

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