Dating Tips for Guys : How to Ask Out a Girl

When asking out a girl, courage and confidence are key; body language is a huge part of successful communication, as well. Ask out a girl by being direct and complimentary with tips from a dating author in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. KidFunkyFry15 says

    take her away from the scene/friends, explain youre not like other guys, you seem like an interesting person and i would like to get to know you better, listen to her response, then ask for her # its straight to the point

  2. Estebitan1996 says

    @THawkThaKing , dude ur effing right!!!!! ME TOO!!!

  3. TooMuchGass says

    Give up

  4. davetista says

    i’m gonna try the “can i have a date?” one it sounds romantic.

  5. Prince579 says

    part 33 can i have a date

  6. Don87Pablo says

    I know mate, im 23 which is y i LOVE women in their late 30’s n 40’s. I hate dragging young girls out of clubs after they abuse their bodies with alcohol. ALL ABOUT THE MILFS BRO!

  7. did I hear Ass doctor paul? lol

  8. I consider myself a one man wolfpack.

  9. DansHavis says

    Yeah but the thing is: Me bein at the age of 21, I’ll ve scopin for girls between 20 and 23. Girls at that age don’t want to go to a restraunt after work. they just want to go drinkin at night and get smashed.

    If I took your advice, went up to a girl at work and said: I find you really interesting etc. I’d probably get laughed at.

    It;s an age/generation thing…

  10. waystogetyourexback says

    Thanks for posting that video!!! You give great information!!! Kindly dont forget to watch my videos!!!

  11. DONCMG360 says

    I think my lone wolf pack just grew by one

  12. shechshire says

    @TheLegendarySpirit … mind. you can only be direct, non chalunt, and confident.

  13. shechshire says

    @TheLegendarySpirit most girls in there right mind on myspace or facebook arn’t looking for strangers to hang out with even if they are atractive. it is very dangerous for both you and her. I have yet to meet ANYBODY that has on myspace/facebook. the answer is NO ONE KNOWS. their could be a miilion reasons why. the one I typed above is probobly one of them. If you know the girl then that’s a different storey. in that situation, again, maybe she’s shy? who knows. theirs no way to read some one’s

  14. GrifterUno says

    This guy is not a player, but a real seducer!!!…Quality women, first and foremost!!! ; )

  15. gartios11 says

    in ABC street jk.

  16. autywon says

    i love this guy. such a pimp

  17. TheLegendarySpirit says

    i have a question, now anyone can feel free to answer my question whether it’s good, great, excellent, bad, horrible, offensive of any sort, just answer: i sent this girl a ”friend request” and she excepted my request, then i sent a message saying: hey, thanks for the add, and she doesn’t reply back, now i really am interested in this girl i added, seriously, should send another message trying to get to know her better or leave it alone because she didn’t reply the 1st time?

  18. coty4president says

    *whistles that catchy tune*

  19. coty4president says

    swing and a miss

  20. is that 3 wolf moon in the background?

  21. vyprcejmiokacka says

    where is the XYZ restaurant??

  22. dbzgtramchiva says

    wat if u turn red?

  23. THawkThaKing says

    i think of old spice every time i see this guy lol

  24. kimkulaen says

    hez right

  25. bojangles322 says

    hahahhhaahhaha he never had a vijayjay in his whole life that he didnt pay for

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