Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Understand Women

Understanding women starts with listening carefully and continues with asking questions by asking how she feels. Learn to speak the secret language of women with dating advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. MrCampsnip3r says

    @psionomega lmfao that was funny 🙂

  2. iRhyme2paytheRent says

    @psionomega hahahah

  3. apocalypse105 says

    you cant understand woman thats impossable they even dont understant their self…

  4. NorteRed206 says

    your very pretty jessica 🙂

  5. you elongate my package

  6. wickedman6 says

    Or , these whore could just be up front .

  7. lukem2866 says

    @TheDalinkwent some women? you mean all women. you have to be a mind reader to date the fuckers……..just nail them

  8. Texasbrousa says

    @psionomega Haha amen brah

  9. skynet556 says

    The easiest way to know what a woman is thinking is to tell her what to think. She’ll pretend to resent you, but actually love you for taking away the responsibility of having to make decisions.

  10. packerfan748 says

    what the????

  11. farhannius says

    Yeh gosh, I so know what you mean about women and their thinking processes. You really do have to get in touch with womens emotions. So I did what you told me with this girl I met on my travels. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, my experience with giving a woman pleasure with my hand is quite limited, so I took your advice and asked her with the opening line that you mentioned in this vid: “how do you FEEL about a woman’s vagina to excite her?”

    Again, just a slap on the face and she walks!

  12. bocanhcam says

    FUCK !!! It’s so confusing………..

  13. TheRealDirtyScary says

    Why should I have to read minds? Give me a break. Just say what you feel for god sakes, why complicate life any more than it is.

  14. dinnerforce says

    you turn me on.

  15. Xenonic101 says

    @Mr89Nef lol

  16. why would I want to spend 10minutes talking about something that could be discussed in 1 minute. It’s illogical.

  17. Glad I’m gay!! Haha

  18. TheManofpopsicle says

    the girl im talking to is like that over the phone, but the reson she does that in public is cuz shes shy… your might be too u never know till u make a mistake and call her a waste of time… NEVER say that cuz u WILL NOT dodge the ball scissors if she likes u

  19. Raspout1981 says

    She just broke up with her BF too…actually..when i told her i had broken up at the first party…she told me…yeah i think me and my BF are about to break up also…so i thought there was something there…i guess she just met someone else and she is more interested in him then me.


  20. Raspout1981 says

    Maybe…but whatever, i will just stop inviting her to do things, she was a no show at 2 university parties she told me she would come with me to, and she was exited when i proposed her to take Salsa classes when i called her, but i dont know…i dont feel like i am getting positive feedback anymore so to hell with her there’s plenty others….wierd thing is she came for me at first in a party before i knew her, she approached me and hugged me when i told her i broke up with my ex Gf.

  21. BeatPerfection says

    maybe she doesn’t want others to insinuate something, so she only acts happy when you’re alone with her….

  22. Raspout1981 says

    One i like is funny and happy when she send’s me a message on the internet…or when we spoke on the phone she was dynamic and all happy….but in person…she just is not the same…i swear when i called the girl i felt it that she was happy i called….but when we see each others in school…she looks down and sad….this is freaking wierd !

  23. scryerofold says

    I’m hungered?? What if I said,…hmm, I”m horny…how do you feel about screwing tonght???

  24. scryerofold says

    This is such rubish.

  25. Well,i’d rather women talk straight.I got to the point where i’m not trying to understand a woman, If they can’t even understand themselves.
    So why bother? 🙂

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