Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Meet a Girl

Meeting a girl you want to date means going to places girls you will be attracted to and interested in hanging out. Meet a girl using persistence, patience and confidence with dating advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact:…


  1. TheodorusRex says

    I love you Jessica – ha ha ha…

  2. CORRIGEEN71 says

    HELLO my name is bill can i kill you

  3. punxuntilwedie says

    @OinopsPontos LMAO!!

  4. RemoKinga says

    i was blown away, when this girl simply said
    to me because she wanted to use my umbrella when it was raining, we started talking for a long time under the rain 0.0

  5. etraise2 says

    it’s quite hard. what if she has a bf, or if the place is crowded. it opens you up to embarrassment

  6. OinopsPontos says

    Why does this feel like a pornstar interview when you turn the volume off

  7. Gerstroncio says


    >We had dinner that night.

    If you know what I mean

  8. Gerstroncio says

    Best way to meet women?


  9. MasterNerdMan says

    @TheFamousraincoat you’re right, i rather invite my college female mates to have sex rather than leaving my home

  10. silvioreggi says

    if i did what this lady says i’d be in big trouble with many people now (the ladies’ brothers and boyfriends, the ladies themselves and… the police)

  11. mbenson2790 says

    otherwise they travel in packs, making it much harder. I LOVE THESE VIDEOS. that makes sooo much sense

  12. thagodfather007 says

    @TheFamousraincoat rofl!

  13. If you are not going to give me your __________, I’m not interested..

  14. 888wicked888 says

    Oh My God, Theres Places That You Could Meet Girls & It’s Called Outside!!
    Fuck I Didn’t Know That It’s Fuckin’ Insane!!!!

  15. carlosneptuno says

    @Attila709 Jaja, la mujer además de robarse el libro obtuvo comida gratis.. eso se llama ser astuta y descarada

  16. ppmolenaar says

    @TheFamousraincoat WHAHAHA you just gave me the laugh I needed today^^

  17. Samos505 says

    well here in India, if you so much as introduce yourself, girls are going to say, “Im not interested in knowing who you are,” even though some of them have actually been checking you out.

  18. ClackstonBiaar says

    Wherever you meet her, she’d better get her ass into the fucking kitchen within a short space of time.

  19. Me109G10Gustav says

    heading to panera soon….gonna flirt 🙂

  20. miblackbird says

    so sweet lol i will. thanks hahaha 😀

  21. stickybelvedere says

    @Attila709 im calling bullshit

  22. SyyyZyyyGyyy says

    Been there done that. Usually I end up having an answer like: “Sorry, I already have a bf” or “Yes, you can buy me a drink, and here’s my phonenumber it’s 123456789” (sadly enough I fell for that once, I was a bit drunk..)

  23. skynet556 says

    I used to follow this kind of advice. Women rejected me like I was a drooling, rabid weasel. Then they went back to reading their books or sipping their coffee. I went back to my apartment and cried in the corner with a tub of peanut butter.

    Now I just walk up to women and insult them. The more cutting and ruthless I am, the more they seem to like me.

  24. bocanhcam says

    @Attila709 Awesome !

  25. JuliendAnce says

    how to meet a girl ? how not to meet them rather ! we sometimes a bit of rest.

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