Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Know When to Approach a Woman

Knowing the right moment to approach a woman means knowing the right place, such as a bar, party or social event. Approach a woman in a bar or coffee shop at just the right time with datingadvice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. batboyjhg says

    I don’t know why this was one my recommended videos but I decided to give it a chance. Wow, horrible advice. If you’re at a club where every woman is with at least one friend which for all you know can be her friend since birth or someone she met a minute ago (including men). According to your advice a guy should not approach her and just stay with his sausage fest of a group are you fucking serious?

    Women need to shut their mouths unless they know that they’re talking about, which is never.

  2. 888wicked888 says

    approach her with a….?
    A) Boner
    B) Gun
    C) A Bigger Boner
    D) Why Bother Asking Her Out

  3. siliconsurf says

    I’ve been hit on at drive through windows…it depends on your car, but those chicks are young as hell though!

  4. jonathanmelia says

    I’m English. No one hits on anyone here. They’re too shy, or uptight. (Unless they’re completely drunk….) I was working in Washington a few years ago: man, talking to Yanks is soooo much easier!

  5. You talk bullshit, i never listen to a women giving dating advice, It doesnt serve me as a man, serves only womens egos. A women giving advice like this clip and taking it in is like same thing as shooting yourself in the foot.

  6. AODMASTER says

    @spitfirejish agreed. when a guy goes in with the state of mind where he is afraid of what a girl’s friends, family ect. are going to think of him that ruins his chances.

  7. Kingahthecastle says


  8. zuzanarox says

    the best time to approach her is when your penis is out

  9. MaMonkay says

    @fuckingchickenrape lmfao ur pro brah!

  10. Punchatori says

    What about women aren’t looking to find someone.

  11. CrotchLazor says

    “i’m a man i’m a man i’m a man i’m a man”

  12. 112millionairedating says

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  13. rodbob11 says

    I’ve seen guys pick up girls at drive through windows lol

  14. PatRibsey says

    Jessica, dear, you have NO idea!

  15. PatRibsey says

    Approach a woman down a dark alley late at night with a handkerchief soaked in chloroform. It hasn’t failed yet!

  16. spitfirejish says

    blah 6 women will a reject you pfft sound board my ass humour and confidents is the Key

  17. lukem2866 says

    @tonylee1973 its probably more enjoyable and less painful!

  18. JuliendAnce says

    she would not have a chance as a woman in Paris. her advices are good for a place with low competition, in a smalltown or a village she would be good, but not in a highly sophisticed place as Paris.

  19. brotherzero says

    You don’t need to get approval from all 6 women.. you just need approval from the “alpha” woman of the group, and the other will come along instinctivelly… that’s the one you focus on first, even before the one you’re attracted to…

  20. does 50/50 count? because school is like that

  21. LosAngelesWriter says

    No kidding, the spineless pussy is the bad boy who cheats on women and sneaks around like a fucking coward.

  22. Mobstoper says

    wharvdoes sol meen

  23. Ronaldraccoon says

    If you ask out a waitress, and she shoots you down. That same girl would have shot you down in a bar. Its not because shes at work. Its because she is not into you.

  24. Ronaldraccoon says

    Not approaching, or asking out women in customer service? well that just rules out about 85% of the places your going to ask a woman out. What if your not into the clubs, and bars? I think the bar is the worst. If a chic likes you. Do you really think she is going to care where she is when you ask her out.

  25. danielyeh says


    there is a difference between the nice guy. and the spineless pussy.

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