Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Know if She is Interested

A woman will often use body language to show interest in a guy, and if she talks about seeing you again, she is probably interested. Find out if she is really interested in you with dating advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives call in advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. guitarobsessed85 says

    @farsideoftheocean Haha well there are a number of ways to make a lot of money. One way would be to get sales experience while earning a degree in biology with a minor in business or vice versa. Then you could become a pharmaceutical sales person and make around 75,000 a year. You could invest a majority of that in some medium and higher risk stocks. There are many other aspects to it but I’m not going into it. It always requires work but it’s not that hard in my opinion

  2. farsideoftheocean says

    @guitarobsessed85 Your right, I apologise! Truth be told I was being humourous.., I know, it wasn’t funny! I don’t consider myself ugly nor do i need to pay for sex. The person who made that comment was the person i was about 4 days ago. Alots happened since! However….i believe at the time i was making a point on behalf of someone who would think like that, and…my question to you is…how does someone just get rich????

  3. guitarobsessed85 says

    @farsideoftheocean That’s disgusting! Just get rich and pay for plastic surgery, don’t pay for sex, pay to better yourself. You’re putting yourself at too high of a risk for an STI. Sex isn’t worth it!

  4. guitarobsessed85 says

    I don’t care to figure out if she’s interested. It only matters if I am. Flunitrazepam or Chloroform will do the rest. Before anyone flips out I’m just kidding. I don’t have sex because an orgasm is not worth the risk of some fucking STI. Diseases are fucking rampant nowadays. I hate to face the anxiety in the waiting room for my test results to come back. I’ve been fortunate to be cleared of all STI’s on multiple accounts, but I’m done with the anxiety. So, no more sex. It’s a smart choice imo

  5. LoveFromBelgium says


  6. farsideoftheocean says

    just want to fuck, i love older women cause they are direct, younger women talk alot shit and care too much about material bullshit. This is what I have come to beieve these last few years, feel free to thumbs down me if you disagree!

  7. farsideoftheocean says

    truth be told it really depends on the girl, if she is in her 30s and single she prob looking for a guy with a stable career and pay/father fugure/gentlemen sort of guy, if she is much younger she prob only cares about how a guy looks and i guess if he is funny and all that shit, if we are talking about a girl who is alot older then she is prob just wanting a gentleman, or anybody so she isnt lonley, but on the other hand alot of the older women especially in their 30s/40s

  8. farsideoftheocean says

    she makes it sound so easy , but the thing is i am really,really ugly, as in i am hideous, but my standards are high and it is impossible to lower them , so i guess i am in lose-lose situation with the whole getting a gf, thank god you can pay for sex otherwise i would be fucked.

  9. JuliendAnce says

    If her clit says “I’m hot, I sweat”, then she’s interested.

  10. BrotherInChrist88 says

    @blindboyharry shes fine.. why would she need o eat something She is not anorexic

  11. HOT……….

  12. my sam fuckin prob

  13. Rookerman2010 says

    Yo, sir, are full of shit (lol!).

  14. Rookerman2010 says


  15. scryerofold says

    The bitch ought to say something positive or she’s history.

  16. blindboyharry says

    Jessica you need off the crackpipe and eat something.

  17. BournsProductions says

    nice video.
    Check out more dating tips and stories on my page.


  18. MrNicMachiavelli says

    New, there are alot of pretty women in this city. I know her. She’s a friend of mine and she’s done plenty of dating. Her advice here is consistent with other professionals. Why so angry? Has it been that long.

  19. cocornejo95 says

    hello i have a problem, please help!
    my friend (girl) likes this guy they go to the same school but she is too shy to talk with him. how can i help her to talk with him. i don’t? know this guy and i don’t go to the same school as they do

  20. bfbluesniper says

    the subtitles have BADDD typos.

  21. y2knoproblem says

    If she grabs your loins, she is probably interested.

  22. @NewUnderwear
    I’ve seen it before and its true. and if you dont like her then dont come in or hate comment…

  23. crazymike44 says

    If you really want to learn how to meet women and understand the hidden female language and hidden body language, take my course. This girl means well, but doens’t realize she’s speaking in the internal female language, which the male brain can’t understand! No one else is teaching this, it’s very powerful, fun and women enjoy it very much!

    I have a technique that will make it crystal clear in knowing if a girl likes you! No tips, no tricks… Clear understandings…

  24. Mystefier says

    Hey Jessica, it’s really cool of you to give us guys this information from a woman’s perspective. Sorry to see a lot of mean comments were left here. I’m grateful and the info is really helpful.

  25. i saw this girl on the subway. she has a great ass.

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