Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Keep a Woman Interested

Keep a woman interested in you by making her feel needed and worthy with little gestures, new dates and genuine attention. Keep the woman you are dating interested with dating advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: www.newyor…


  1. MrBlahOfTheFire says

    I am never gonna buy puma shoes now

  2. 0Akeldama0 says

    that chick likes that dude (in the bar)

  3. @imwtchingu86 what if shes dumb and cant decifer a hidden msg, then what?! lmao

  4. lol she has 2 first names

  5. iRhyme2paytheRent says

    @Calcium91 Oh fuck i dont know what to say. you son of a bitch, you made me spill my water.

  6. 81stReich says

    I gotta do all THAT to get laid? Fuck, I’ll just get a whore and spend $100.

  7. nathanreilly says

    @Calcium91 LMFAO!!!

  8. richiekock says

    She has a huge nose! OMG

  9. richiekock says

    You guys know that dating services employ ex call girls? This chick seems like she had her share of sausages in her mouth…

  10. my god shes talkin about trying to find a lasting relationship can u people give her a break instead of thinking everyone should be like you with your puny one night stands and “relationships” that simply revolve around sex?

  11. lukem2866 says

    i have a present upstairs in my room…..oops no i dont lets fuck

  12. asrsniperx says

    u single hunnie!? i personally got my own way of how a man can keep a woman interested.. i just drop my pants.. works everytime 😛

  13. imwtchingu86 says

    so make her feel needed but dont be needy… emotion but dont be vulnerable, show her attention but dont smother….this is too damn complicated. im just gunna keep bangin hoes fuck this quantum physics shit people call dating haha

  14. lol! yogi bear the comment you posted earlier “”” Send her strange flowers with a strange note to her work? What like black roses with a note saying “Now I know? where you work – the hunt begins…” Strange enough?””” Is funny man! lol. hahha, im gonna do that

  15. Attila709 says

    I better get laid for that flower purchase

  16. 95300whptalon says

    good luck with that…take a hint and stop stalking her

  17. Lailani2000 says

    I find another woman fool….

  18. kurdnation says

    Hi, I need help with getting back with my ex i have said things i shouldn’t have said. I really love her and i want her in my life. I think she loves me. but she doesn’t say it. she also thinks that i don’t trust her. iv’e tried to tell her many times. please replay to my comment.

  19. eg0death says

    This woman’s advice sucks, women dont want flowers or any of that shyt..

  20. blabblab1212 says

    I find that dangling my dick in front of a woman’s nose keeps her interested.

  21. yogibear612 says

    Send her strange flowers with a strange note to her work? What like black roses with a note saying “Now I know where you work – the hunt begins…” Strange enough?

  22. scryerofold says

    Who the hell plays all these games?

  23. redderch says

    hey you fag xD

  24. LosAngelesWriter says

    How to keep her interested?

    Wave an expensive piece of jewelry in front of her all night.

  25. FutureLaugh says

    @Calcium91 lmao you the man

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