Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Initiate a First Kiss

Initiating a first kiss can come on the first, second or third date and should follow a touch. Make a first kiss memory that is special, and avoid initiating at the wrong time with dating advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. JuliendAnce says


    Same as for the kiss : touch her knee, smile and fuck…

  2. sharkey4123 says

    @ninetygnyc haha

  3. CinemaMaximus says

    @walterreally LOL, your the man

  4. And then you have a cold sore (twice!) during your first three dates 🙁

  5. farhannius says

    I wonder if any of Jessica’s clients had like say 10 classes with her, got all the tips and feedback, learned a lot, and then just dived on her screaming “fuck your advice you’re mine now!”

    P.S. rape isn’t cool.

    P.S.S after the first time…

  6. asrsniperx says

    what if she just wanna fuck the guy n move on, how will we know jess?

  7. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am loling so hard at ur name

  8. coolnesss16 says

    she’s a women she knows how she’d wanna be kissed

  9. them 2 in the bar are butt ugly =))

  10. ninetygnyc says

    Jessica, how about the first fuck?

  11. knightofcush says

    ummm movin in for contact lol….tx

  12. xixilee003 says

    Why is this showing when I put SEX in the search bar? Well, if you want to watch REAL sex enter to my channel or enter to 1024gg(dot)com

  13. RainbowNigWolf says

    hahahah yeah it’s not a big deal

  14. BlackRain100 says

    Thanks a lot, I really needed this lol

  15. waystogetyourexback says

    Thank you so much for the video!!! it helps me a lot!!! Dont forget to watch my videos please (“,) thanks!!!

  16. sirponyboy says

    I think she has really sound advice and all should listen who seek wisdom; oh yah, and get out there and bust a move, but be natural and make it true. Enjoy and be happy, enven with the hottest girl, cause after all, she is just a girl. Respect!

  17. CowboyNiceguy says

    ok how the hell does she know when to kiss a woman?

    Did she feel it in her gut?

  18. FantasticPyroclastic says

    The time how long they must wait grows with the kilo´s on their hips 😛

  19. BrotherInChrist88 says

    @InkWellShadow Girls don’t need to do much.. Just wait..

  20. SD1Chargers says

    I suck face every first date because I can.

  21. shechshire says

    @Casarzino it’s not about all these stupid rules and regulations that she taks about. it’s just about haveing some deasensy and respect for the other person. kissing a girl on a first date is risky. i mean if she dosn’t slap you great, but you don’t know that yet. we don’t want to play russion rullet here do we? that’s why you kiss when you both know each other well enough to do that. that means if you guys already hold hangs and hug alot and just general stuff like that

  22. @InkWellShadow if he looks at u with a smiling (NOT PITY!) face then hes most likely interested…

    keep in mind not all guys have the same amount of experience with girls so try not to kill…go in softly and remember dont go for guys that are already taken…1 of 2 things will happen: 1.he will feel bad while ure flirting in front or when he is with his gf and will leave eventually or go to 2
    2.he will chase u like a madman!

  23. InkWellShadow says

    How about dating tips for girls? lol. Man it’s hard courting a guy, its like trying herd chickens, entertaining at first but really frustrating in the long run of things. Rah I shall now go and bash my head into a wall repeatedly.

  24. TreeHuggerLtd says

    Epic Fail? Umm thats pretty much how I do it. I like to say “your hair looks soft” then touch it, look her in the eye, smile, lean in and kiss! Easy!

  25. mrcomedian14 says

    Dating coach thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard in my whole life ROFL

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