Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Get Any Girl or Guy’s Phone Number

The best way to get a phone number from girls or guys is to put your cell phone in their hands and let them add the number while you chat. Collect phone numbers confidently with advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. SnoopysOtherBird says

    @SuperTravisbickle Then your screwed.

  2. engelbak says

    she gave me a number for a cafe? 😛 lol

  3. buttnugget112 says

    @knightofcush lol i wonder if its some part of ur body…?

  4. carlosneptuno says

    Otra forma de obtener el # de teléfono de ella es: Si ella tiene su teléfono celular a la mano, le dices: “hey, déjame verlo” (y se lo pides con la mano), ella te lo da para que lo veas, y tú marcas tu número de celular y llamas.. cuelgas y le dices “excelente, ya tengo tu número, gracias” jaja, y le regresas su celular. =)

  5. shadyshade says

    But I have a Blackberry! Most people who haven’t used one will not know how to use it. Thanks for nothing. 🙁

  6. fate11twister says


  7. thelion2430 says

    here is my fone……oo thanks i put it in my bag and go :)ahahahahha

  8. amyrlove2010 says

    uh so you hand them the phone ? and turn around? it’s almost like “hey it’s nice meeting you, heres a phone for a gift, take it”

  9. knightofcush says

    i will hand u sometingelse…..and turn around, c if u know wat to do wit it….hahahahaha

  10. soggysocks17 says

    what if they type in the number to the local pizza hut?

  11. TheKyleBagley says

    They take your phone. hah

  12. wat makes her the expert?

  13. creobeast36ty says

    most ppl wud run away wit d fone

  14. Fred333Bramming says

    Haha.. Some girl who stalked me for a while did this to me. I knew what she ment, but I just handed it back after a few minutes.

  15. larapwns says

    it’s all in the execution lol, and i find this is a little easier to pull off for women than men.

  16. kingofdiamonds20 says

    Terrible. Nice video tho.

  17. thiefessa says

    Lol the awkward asking if the girl will give the number? Coming from a girl, I think passing the phone over is more awkward than asking. It’s like pushing us to do it, and personally it’s more pressure than just asking “Hey, can I get your number?”. Just because a guy physically passes the phone doesn’t mean I’m not going to say no. Lol…

  18. zekazanchis says

    how about dating you?will it work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looooooooooooooool

  19. xxcharlottexx1000 says

    lol, ya thats real smart, lets all get our phones jackd WOOOT lol wtf

  20. LowLowSpinners says

    that bitch!

    thats why you shouldnt turn around lol!

  21. @Rookerman2010 How’s that strategy working out for you? A phone number doesn’t equal sex, nor does endless phone talk about nothing. With a girls number, you just end up more likely becoming her “Friend” instead of sex partner. If you are going to hook up later on, THEN get her number so you can make it happen. Girls will definitely explain to guys on how to become their friend. If you want to learn how to “get some”, then take advice from guys that actually “get some” on a regular basis.

  22. Rookerman2010 says

    Hey, WhyBeF? You’re wrong. The best advice on dating always come from a woman’s perpective rather than a man’s one, becuase of a woman knowing what it takes for guys to score with her gender.

  23. OrunitaVivi says


  24. That’s pretty sneaky. Phone numbers are useless. You’ll be just another guy thats calling her so she can feel wanted. This is exactly why guys should never take advice from a chick…you’ll never get laid that way…LOL. Only get her number if you are making plans with her.

  25. i did that….. they stole my black berry. 🙁

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