Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Flirt

Knowing how to flirt means mastering body language and the give-and-take of signals that show interest to potential dates. Make flirting easy using body language and confidence with advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives call in advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. tplax4l69 says

    i want you on my dick. now.

  2. Volvo745T says

    I guess I’m becoming old and crusty … but if a girl starting laughing hysterically like @ 1:02, the needle on my FAKE meter would be bouncing wildly.

  3. TheTunerClub says

    im gonna try that too


    Good Flirting?

  5. CuriousGeorge53142 says

    i still bet you shes single

  6. Gaprielll says

    What?? i am thinking what was i doning befor LOL

  7. farhannius says

    Hi Jessica, got a question for you. I saw this guy the other day and he approached this girl and it went sooo well for him, saw them exchange numbers and a quick kiss too. But one thing did surprise me, just when he seemed to build rapport he actually got his penis out, but this seemed to impress the woman.

    So my question is: Is getting your schlong out a good move when trying to attract women? I guess it shows confidence which girls love, so maybe I should do it too.

  8. verycoldice2 says

    too basic….this is useless

  9. TheKingOfRingsHHH says

    i have a crush on alexia she is so hot

  10. I would like to take you out

  11. kingnine9 says

    when she says excuse me, say “did you fart or flirt just now”

  12. BournsProductions says

    Check out more dating tips and stories on my page.


  13. wogandmush says

    I’m gonna flirt with everyone now!

  14. julie31296 says


  15. BleedingWalls420 says

    Wow this girl is sex on a cracker HOT. Love her hair.

  16. @kkkkhaledddd omg lol

  17. everydayidiealilmore says

    she’s right, experience is the best teacher…

  18. everydayidiealilmore says

    WHAT! lmao…wow.

  19. potpolima says

    she’s right,experience is the best teacher…

  20. ntthgrt93 says

    she is so sexy!

  21. kkkkhaledddd says

    youtube just showed me an ad that said “meet sexy transvestite” haha wtf?!?!?!

  22. TheC00kChris says

    I’ll flirt with this lass any day

  23. streetfightermatt says

    i’ll flirt with this honey in the vid 😀

  24. MrChickenFajita says

    i didnt learn anything… close ur self off- obviously… eye contact, well i sure aint gonna look at her chest while im talking to her,, so yahh… waste of time.

  25. when flirting
    the woman may touch the mans shoulder as a sign of interest
    i look at the hand and say what the hell!?
    i probably shouldnt do that

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